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Is "Downturn" the Worst map?

I prestige already 3 times, and only have played Downturn like 2 times. Do you agree, most of the gamers try to avoid this map?

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    It's a toss up between downturn and bootleg for me i always seem to do poorly on both maps reardless of what game mode.

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    I disagree, for me it has to be Arkaden, I despise this map to the point if I'm joining a game in session, I'll usually take the loss and leave.

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    i dont mind downturn tbh, i think its not liked due to its awkward spawns more than most maps and generally doesnt come up much, and when it does, its usually with a good map.

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    I find that when Downturn and Liberation come up in the rotation they get little to no votes.


    This may not be true for all game modes (e.g. I do not play TDM, so it may not be true for that game mode).

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    I try to avoid Downturn and Carbon. Bad Maps.

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    Downturn and Outpost are 2 of my favourite maps in this game, I don't understand why everyone hates them so much


    On the other hand, not really a fan of Bootleg or Liberation, but every other map is awesome

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    Downturn is garbage.


    The map sucks, there is so much CRAP on the streets that impeed your progress.. little junk that you get stuck on.


    The building passageways are confusing and the spawns make no sense.


    Beyond that, it's great.

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    Downturn is ok. Overwatch is poop

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    Downturn i think is the worst map in COD history. It is a clustered jumble of a mess. Nothing fluid about the map and even the placements of any objective areas are horrible. This is really the only map i try to avoid.

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    Downturn is one of my least favorite maps. I have noticed that all of the New York based maps suck on MW3, Downturn, Liberation, Interchange (New Jersey), and Overwatch. All four of those maps lack compared to Skid-Row and Highrise from MW2. No more New York based maps please........ overplayed.

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    I actually like Downturn. It's the most realistic map. That's how a city would look like if a massive war had taken place in it. People don't like it because they can´t see well and there's too many obstructions and they can get killed from every direction. Notice how the well liked maps are those people can camp in?

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    You know i stated in another thread about Downturn it was the worst map and I absolutely hated it, however, played on it last night and running the PP90M1 with silencer & RF i went 28-4 lol

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    worst map is resistance

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    Hate Downturn. Players blend in too much. Not much a fan of Carbon either, but I can tolerate it. I like Arkaden for Domination, but TDM or KC is just a circus.


    Love Bootleg though its such a fun Domination map.


    I don't think Fallen is that great in any aspect...too much camping potential for TDM/KC, and I don't think its very fun for Domination. B and C flags are both nightmares. Everyone's DOM strategy on that map is get B and C and sit in windows. Kind of silly.

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    Bottom 10 maps:


    10: Outpost: Why oh why isn't there any range unless you're camping in one of the windows or behind one of the walls?! Remove ALL containers and blue fences (with a few exceptions) and remove some crates and the map could've been good.
    9: Village: Those shacks ruin what could be a good map. Had they not allowed for so much random stalking and enemies passing past teammates, camping and general shennanigans, this would be a bottom 9 and top 4 list.
    8: Lockdown: Could be very good if they dropped the between-buildings corridor and the hole in that wall that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to capture B flag in domination because the enemy spawn near enough to kill you no matter where on the map they spawn.
    7: Hardhat: It's all about the middle of the map, and the middle of the map is an unsafe place without cover.
    6: Bakaara: A large clusterf**k. It's almost impossible to have a large map be a clusterf**k.
    But somehow, they managed to couple a large map with wide streets with little overview and generally short range combat, with the annoyance of camping snipers in positions where ARs cannot in any way kill enemies because of the amounts of clutter.

    5: Arkaden: The main rooms is too random. There's literally no safe way into that room what so ever, rendering half the map unsafe and thus a bad place to be.

    4: Seatown: It's always all about that center building, not even in the center of the map.
    3: Bootleg: Too many flanking routes for 6 player teams!
    2: Carbon: Too much elevation and short range combat with too many buildings for the 60 degree field of view.
    1: Dome: It's just one massive circlejerk of spawn-problems and flanking routes.
    There ARE no normal ways to go, ONLY flanking routes.

    I made this picture, marking off SOME OF THE COMMON CAMPING SPOTS on dome:http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1905/domey.jpg


    Because I only use assault rifles, I can't sprint out of the spawns before enemies spawn in my tracks and shoot me in the back, nor can I reach the HQs before everyone with an SMG has arrived there.




    My TOP 5 maps are:


    5: Underground.
    If only because it's so easy to hold A and B.

    4: Mission: Some distances on the flanks, but the center is a cluster. It is unplayable in free for all.

    3: Interchange: Distances!
    I can actually expect to kill enemies on ranges longer than 20 meters on this map, and I don' t feel like I'm only fodder to the PP90M1 and MP7 players.


    2: Resistance: Overview for the most part of the map.

    Once you have blown up enemies with all the cars, the cars actually provide some cover, and most of the time ARs work better than SMGs on this map. The center house is annoying, but not to the degree we see in Hardhat and Seatown's camp-houses.

    1: Fallen: Blessed distance. You actually have time to reload your Mk14 before the enemy you just killed reaches knife distance. This is the ONLY map where I feel I have time to reload my Mk14 without sleight of hand pro and employ timing properly.
    I can look around a corner, see that it is clear, run the opposite way and actually reach the next corner of the building without anyone shooting me in the back from where I looked first. I can KNOW where enemies are and where they are not.

    I can employ skill and strategy, and not just run around like the devil is at my heels.
    I can throw down a bouncing betty without it blowing up in someone's face 5 seconds later.




    Downturn tier maps:
    1: Downturn: I don't have a single word to describe this map, because I have played it about 5 times in total across my at least 1000 games.

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      I agree all the way with your list. I only play FFA and S&D, and the reason you have trouble on Mission FFA is because that map needs an SMG to win. It's a very diverse map with a few sniping areas, as well as AR usage around the long halway areas, however, you're going to have to get in deep **** with an SMG at the middle of the map if you expect to win. Throw down a Tactical Insertion and just keep circuiting that area and you can win easily for sure. I don't use T.I. but it does sound like a good idea now  that I think of it.

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      All these maps don't make sense to you because you are either a ***** camper or the move to one spot and wait kind of player and because of your likeness to limited paths you would know where the enemy is coming from and don't worry about any flanking routes.. You strategy name is Cowardice.

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    In my experience when Downturn is a choice you often see a lot of people vote (for the other map). In lobbies where often only 2-4 people vote, you will see 10 people vote when Downturn pops up. This leads me to believe that it is the most hated map in the game, not counting DLC.

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    I noticed Downturn and Carbon are the least voted on maps.  Personally, I dislike Seatown the most because I suck on this map but I know that's a popular map.  To me I think all these little maps are so similar that there's not much variety to them.

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    There are few maps that I truly dislike in this edition is truly one of them along with Akaandan(sp?). As always when moving from one version to the next I hated them all and then as I learned the maps my disdain slowly faded.


    I did like the black ops system where you could vote for a map or the random feature which led to a rotation through more of the maps. Sometimes you got stuck with a stinker, but hey, those are the breaks.

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    The map depends on your confidence. When I run into a map and think, "God this map sucks" I end up doing horrible. But if I see a map like Oasis, which I really like, I end up winning or coming in the top 3 on the leaderboards. I'm good at maps I normally am bad at if I'm on a winning streak in FFA.

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    I wouldn't say its the WORST map, but the least popular map.

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    Yes, it is **** as are half the maps in the game.

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    Outpost is a close second.

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    I don't remember the last time I've played Downturn. That's how awful that map is. Everytime it appears, it never gets picked. So why doesn't IW just remove that eye sore of a thumbnail outta the map rotation.


    A close second is Arkaden. I love how people will vote for that map and they are the same people who ragequit outta of it when they get stomped on.

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    I love Downturn it has to be one of my fav maps.

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    V3LKRO wrote:


    I prestige already 3 times, and only have played Downturn like 2 times. Do you agree, most of the gamers try to avoid this map?

    Yes, 9 times out of 10, people will vote for the other map no matter what it is. However, I feel that Downturn isn't the worst map in MW3 as there are other maps that I feel are worser. As I've played on 30 out of the 33 maps due to being on PS3. I'll list my worst 12 maps, 1 being worst.


    12. Black Box: It's the largest map in MW3. While it's promising for snipers, most people tend to either cluster in the buildings and the plane or run laps around the map. The result is matches will likely end because of time. Redeeming quality is being good for objective based modes.

    11. Mission: A popular map but people tend to cluster up in the middle of the map which can result in fusteration gameplay. If it wern't for that, it would be one of the best MW3 maps.

    10. Lookout: A Face Off map set in the mountains of Afganistan. The reason the map cracks the worst 10 in my list is one team tends to have an elevation advantage or everyone clusters up in the buildings.

    9.   Fallen: People tend to cluster up in the buildings while avoiding certain areas.

    8.   Carbon: One team has an elevation advantage plus people tend to cluster up in the middle of the map.

    7.   Hardhat: The design of the map encourages camping plus everyone tends to rush toward the middle of the map.

    6.   Resistance: Again, people tend to cluster up toward the middle of the map which leaves a huge portion of the map useless

    5.   Outpost: It's a huge map with the honor of being MW3's lone snow map. People tend to camp throughout the map which makes gameplay boring.

    4.   Village: Yet again, people tend to cluster toward the northeast area of the map leaving a huge chunk of the map useless.

    3.   U-Turn: The second Face Off map to make the list. It's a highway out in the desert with vehicles scattered on the highway along with a tunnel. People will tend to stay in one side of the map which could make most spawns dangerous, it's at least playable.

    The next map will come as a shocker to most. It's a very popular map that is always voted for.

    2.   Dome: People will tend to cluster up around the center of the map. This results in heavy camping throughout the map. Considering it's size and purpose of CQC, this should've been delayed and made available as a Face Off map where 3v3 would work out well on this map. This map should've been made larger.

    1.   Aground: No matter how many people are on this map, a sniper duel will occur on this small map. With so many long sightlines being on the east side of the map and also being so open. It results in one team sniping and placing sentry guns in the middle of the map to spawn trap people in any mode. This map leaves me yelling out this: "What was the map designer thinking!" It's so bad for sniping that I will always quit MW3(dashboarding in Xbox terms) so it's the only map so far I never finished a match on.


    Even though it's highly debatable, this is my personal list of worst maps in MW3.

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    1 downturn

    2 interchange

    3 black box

    4 outpost

    5 carbon