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Add Join In Session & Host Migration For Black Ops 2 Zombies

What i mean is that i dont want them to change zombies up to much, i know treyarch likes to push the envelope but i dont want to play as a zombie, im all about wielding a automatic weapon and spraying hordes of zombies, we need more character customization, change the looks of our characters, have more characters to choose from, let us decide who we choose. deeper integration, more weapons, more the better, dont keep it limited to the campaign weapons, expand abit, more options in game, add JOIN IN SESSION & HOST MIGRATION PLEASE!!! add special attributes to the characters like one guy has increased rate of fire, this one has more grenades, this one has more ammo(make this optional but not necessary)? i dont want idiots following me around the map getting in the way and just being a pain in the but and you cant kill the dude or get rid of them like george in call of the dead, i liked that map but dont play much because of george, please dont add these dudes in the map that get in the way its just annoying to be honest.