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Playing Black Ops has shown me a new appreciation for MW3.

So with Blops 2 annouced I figured I would fire up the old Blops disc and play a bit.


I'm by no means a pro, and I am not a pro at MW3 either.



I use to think Blops was the better game but holy crap, its not. Not even by a mile.


During my 4-6 hour jounrey I experieced horrendus lag, lag that makes MW3 blush. It takes entire clips to kill ememies, and all my hitmarkers added up. The game is painfully slow, I have had the time run out on quite a few matches. At one point I was playing a match 6 against 2. Hitboxes are all over the place, I have shot through buildings before and killed  people (and not by the use of any perks) because it was lagging so bad The graphics difference between Blops and MW3 is insane, I don't care about graphics but MW3 looks like Crysis compared to Blops. A single yellow barer can bring down your entire enemy team to lag, and I have a perfect 4 bar connection in every game in Modern Warfare 3.



Modern Warfare 3 has its share of frustrations too, but Blops has shown me new respect. My personality has totally changed, now Blops is the game I rage quit at, not Modern Warfare 3. I really hope Treyarch fixes up Blops 2, cuz if it is ANYTHING like Blops, I am scared.


So to those of you who think MW3 sucks and Blops was better, I encourage you to play Blops again and see if your opinion holds up.


Discuss if you think Blops or MW3 is better and why?