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  • 40. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn is the worst map. There is just so many places to hide because of all the crap they put on that stage and the spawns are just horrible (more horrible than other maps at least). I play with every gun in the game and I still can't win on that map.

  • 41. Re: Worst map?

    I agree with everybody, Downturn sucks.  I think the maps are pretty weak compared to the ones in black ops, the only other COD game i've played.

  • 42. Re: Worst map?

    Here are my worst 5 maps in order








    I hate those maps


    I didn't know u guys disliked mission and dome so much, they are some of my favs, I also enjoy lockdown and hardhat :)

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    My worst 5 in order

    (1) Dome (i just despise this map with constant explosive and stun/flash spamming)

    (2) Hardhat

    (3) Arkaden

    (4) Liberation

    (5) Interchange


    My fav 5

    (1) Mission

    (2) Bakarra

    (3) Fallen

    (4) Resistance

    (5) Bootleg


    Its funny all the different opinions on this thread. I just love mission, especially on Domination, although i do admit that it is a very unbalanced map fo that game mode,and the same as well for village and arkaden.

  • 44. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn Nuff Said!

  • 45. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn is the worst by far.



    Maps I personally don't like are Arkaden (aka Camp Central), Village, Carbon, and Bakarra.

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    Downturn is my worst map. Always avoid it. Only been on about 5 times cos I leave lobby if everyone votes for it. Noticed that a lot of people avoid it most of the time now though, don't know why. I can't do anything on that map. Can't see enemy, and everything just seems to blend in together cos of the colour scheme. lots of greys etc.


    Other maps I avoid are Interchange, Fallen, Seatown, and Liberation.


    Saying that though there aren't that many maps I enjoy in this game. Not much variety, all seem a bit same design and layout, just different settings. If you know what I mean. Chimps could design better maps than this lot.

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    Wow I agree, mission is my fav map in the game, but I don't hate dome as much as you though. But that's fine :)


    I don't have anything against fallen either, I find it's an average map in the game at my opinion

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    Sense of accomplishment should be felt if you pwn in all maps.

    Which I dont.

    My least favourite is Downturn due to it's horrible shading, rooms that look alike and general messyness.

    Next would be Bootleg because of the shading. It's just too dark.

    I used to dislike Dome, but now I understand the spawn layout It's grown on me.

    Favourites would be Villlage, Lockdown, Fallen in that order.

  • 49. Re: Worst map?

    I think the two worst maps in MW3 are Fallen and Bakaara.  Those maps are pure camp fests.  I can't seem to walk 5 feet without getting sniped from the other side of the map or killed by someone bushwhacking (more so on Fallen). 

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