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Playing solo shows your true skills ???  Party or solo ??

Ive always played in parties with killho`s (you know who you are!!!), and my kdr has always been around the 1.70-1.90 mark, and because there was no one left to kill, I turned myself into a flag capping machine, which also ultimately killed my kdr by being objective. I always thought I was a 1.70 below par player who just hung onto other peoples coat tails.


BUT since my new profile, I now have no allies and have been playing solo, mostly tdm, and im holding a 3.10 kdr quite cosily. Am I a 3.10 player? Have I been held back by parties?


Whats the better option in your opinion? Solo or parties ?


PS playing solo gets you into games straight away, NO waiting 15mins to find games.