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What is "panic" knifing?


I always figured "panic knifing" was when you see a guy that was out of knife range but you press knife anyway, you panic and you hit knife. But ive seen people say panic knifing is what i would call quick reactions like you are going down some stairs you see an enemy you knife and kill him.


So my question is what is panic knifing?

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    people tend to say it is the latter... you round a corner, and see someone and "panic" and knife them. i tend to think that is the whole point of the knife.

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    According to half the community what you just said is panic kniving. If you run into someone around the corner and knife, knife too far out of distance, regular kniving. I think that it's a mix of quick reaction, and panic for running into someone around the corner. As for being too far out of distance, I do every once in a while hitting the knife button trying to aim, but never do it on purpose. I usually hear people complain about panic kniving when they were to slow to react.

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    It's an excuse for players with poor reaction time.


    I play claw and on default layout. So I can knife, jump, reload, press y, and go prone without moving my right hand off the rs. Knifing is key for those who play very aggressive and "rush". So claw helps me..anyway's the term is ridiculous and makes no sense.

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    When you hear the phrase "panic knife," it's usually just the whimpering sounds coming from someone crying about the fact that they just got knifed.

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    The second one.


    Its disliked because it takes no skill, as auto aim does all the work, and unlike guns its an instant kill. Out of a sprint guns have a delay before they can shoot. 400ms if I remember correctly. Knife does not.


    So really, panic knifing is what bad players with bad reactions do.

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    Its far to easy since MW2 came out, seriously try CoD4 or world at war and knife the whole round and see where it gets you

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    Since I switched to tactical layout, knifing isn't as easy as it use to be, I don't mind people knifing me quickly, but I do object to people running through bullets to knife me.  No such thing as a panic knife just quick reactions. I prefer Bullets

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    TBH they need to make it more like CoD4/world at war where the knife had no range beond point blank and no aim-assist or they need to go the way of battlefield where knifes take two hits from the front to kill and one in the back thus making it what it is, the last resort/a stealth weapon. At the mo it's stupid as someone can run through gun fire and get a OHK.

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    "panic knifing" is the learned over time reflex response of automatically hitting the R3 button when you turn a corner and someone is right there when using default layout. It's no more a controlled response than when you tap below your knee and your leg twitches.


    In my opinion knifing should always be on a seperate button than what your thumbs are on - this makes it a deliberate attack and not just an instant reflex response.


    Also the fact that they nerfed the auto aim actually made it easier for panic knifers because they can turn and knife anyway, but for players on tactical knifing is now infuriatingly inconsistent in MW3

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    Panic knifing is a controller setup, and is the "non-tactical" controller layout.


    It allows you to instant kill anyone in a 2 meter radius in a 360 degree field once you press it.
    Sort of like a instant grenade explosion centered on your body, except you survive.

    The problem is that it's so freaking annoying that the KNIFE beats the GUN.

    IF the knife was a weapon, it would be fine.
    But it is a panic-button.


    A quick-time event that when performed correctly, gives you invulnerability to bullets for a short time, auto-aims on the nearest enemy and teleports you to him, stabbing him or the air near him, killing him instantly with a slash across his left hand while he shot you twice in your HEAD.

    Look back to counter-strike to see how a balanced knife should be.
    -Two attacks: Quick Slash (three hit kill and fast) or Stab (one hit kill to the head or back but slow)
    -A separate weapon to avoid people unintentionally using it

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    A panic knife is a term given by cry babies to a normal knife kill..... A lot of gamers use the Tactical controller layout, this swaps the knife and crouch... so to knife you need to press O (or xbox equivalent) this means that these users will be able to drop shot on command but never get to their O button in time to knife you.... they seem to think having the normal layout is noobish and the R3 is a panic button... to people who use the normal layout its just a normal knife kill.....  we who use the normal layout know the 360 degree kill is not true since the update you need to aim with the knife.... also you cant knife from too great a distance... if you did it would miss - if you get the kill you judges the distance perfectly.... think about it... the greater the distance the more time you have... therefore you arnt panicking!!

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    I think the phrase "panic knife" should be changed to "quick reaction". I dont panic when I play games unless Im 1 kill away from a MOAB and the enemy is hunting me down.


    When it comes to knifing you cant say someone was panicking just because they knifed you. Their quick instictual reaction told them that swinging a knife at you was a more practical way to survive than trying to shoot.


    That said the knifing system in MW3 is broken anyway. Half the time I knife someone I go right through him and then Im somehow knifed and I die... How did I die if my knife swung through the enemy? How? lag? probably...its messed no matter what it is.


    How come whenever Im using a shotgun or an SMG and an enemy comes into my view my knife will sometimes swing randomly by itself...when my target isnt even within knifing range. I die during these exchanges because Im trying to SHOOT my weapon yet the game is making me throw my knife out.


    Is my button too sensitive? Well it only seems to happen when I have a shotty or SMG, basically weapons that encourage close range combat (which is where the knife is handy). The knife in MW3 is BROKEN.

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    panic knifing is for the ones who havent discovered the tactical layout yet

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    MW3 only annoys when I react first, fire my gun and get hitmarkers...point blank...and you survive with a silly swipe of the blade.  Gun should beat knife.  Even worse when it happens with a shotgun at close range.  Rest of the time I don't mind because you reacted first and would've won that engagement regardless of using a gun or a knife.


    BF3 does it good.  Sneak up from behind to one hit assassinate with knife...run up to his face and you need to take 2 or 3 swipes to kill.  In BF3 "panic knife" will always lose to gun.

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    tbh i plan to knife someone when they come close, so it cant be panic knife if planned right? anyway i think you shouldnt be allowed to knife when you have akimbos out. amount of times on like mission, you have mp9/fm akimbos and they stab you too...

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    Panic knifing to me is when someone non-chalantly walks through my spray of bullets from an SMG or LMG from 10 feet away and knifes me in the knee cap and I die. Thank you lag compensation.

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    It's the opposite to 'Panic Drop-shotting'