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Join the movement: STOP USING EASY MODE GUNS! (see more, to see if this applies to you)

Nothing makes me laugh more than a 15th prestige using an mp7. If you are 15th prestige and want to brag, use a real gun. Stop using easy mode guns such as the pp90, mp7, ACR, type 95. Leave those for the newer gamers. Now if you play for fun and don't talk crap (and are a good sport), then use whatever gun you wish. But never talk crap while using those guns, you'll just look like an idiot. I get such a fanbase when I own with my mp5. Join the movement, and stop using easy mode guns. I've stopped using them, so you should, if you take this game seriously. I was a guilty participant, but now I'm clean and have been for quite a while. Now is the time.