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Fed up of being told the "proper" way to play this game.


Having been contributing to these forums since December, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of "elitest"  players who are so sure that the way they play is the "proper" way and everyone else is wrong. I have been told im playing wrong because i dont run around like a madman rushing and getting killed and costing my team wins. Because i move around and hold areas in a stealth type manner, i again am playing the game "wrong" Im 9th prest, KDR 1.45 and W/L 1.17 so i must be doing something right. I dont camp as in lying down not moving ADS as that isnt exciting for me. But if thats the way you want to play,thats up to you. I dont blindly rush either, but again if thats what you want to do, thats fine. Because YOU are happy with a certain style doesnt mean im wrong for not using that style. Bottom line...I paid £44.99 on launch day for this game and i will damn well play it the way I WANT to and i hope you do as well.