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Hmm...thoughts on Blops 2 for Wii or Wiiu and people on the old Blops

Yesterday I decided to go on Black ops and............There were 33,000 people online! That's triple the amount of MW3 LOL


I really want to sell mw3, i can't take it anymore. Anyone know if we're really going to get a patch or not? If not, I'm selling the piece of fish (pun intended)


I also hope, (don't get mad at me) that Black Ops 2 WILL NOT come out for the Wii, but for the WiiU. Its not that I do not want to play it, I just don't want to spend another $50 and be disappointed with another wreck of a game like MW3 (But it's 3arch so it should be better). Besides, if Blops 2 comes out on the WiiU, it might get the sales boost that it deserves, and perhaps maybe xbox 360 fanboys (no offence) will appreciate what Nintendo has to offer