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xbox 360, servers down?

okay i literally stopped playing online for ten minutes and now i cant get past the petching profile part. is anybody else having a problem with this? im starting to get pissed off. i pay for online gaming and when i actually have time to play for the day the servers are down! wtf!

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    I don't believe the servers have been down today at all.


    Try switching off your modem/router for a couple minutes, then switching them back on.


    If you still can't connect, you may need to follow these steps to make sure the ports MW3 uses are open:




    http://portforward.com/networking/staticip-xbox360.htm How to set up a static IP address on your Xbox 360.



    http://www.portforward.com On this webpage select your Router brand and model > Select your game



    Disable any firewall or security features on your router.



    Set port forwarding on your router to the IP address of your Xbox 360. This game uses port 3074 (UDP/TCP).



    Additionally Xbox Live requires ports 80, 53 (TCP) and 88, 53 (UDP).