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    G IH A IN ID II wrote:








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    Fox has warned me not to post any weapon balance post or videos in here but he said nothing about links.  Please check these out.  And for fox's sake keep the respone in the thread that was linked so we dont kick off another massive tangent in this thread.







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    Any update on a date for the matchmaking patch(PS3 is my system)? Also, any new ideas on the sync issues, I know you said earlier in the week that you team had found no oddities in the netcode just ondering if something has come up since then?


    If not, what would be your next step in solving the sync/lag/host issues if you find your net code to be flawless?

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    Please don't make sitrep pro counter dead silence! That would completely ruin the flow of search and destroy, and make it a complete campfest where  you can't plant the bomb unless you crouchwalk every across the map. It would make sitrep completely overpowered, and there already isn't a counter to it. Dead silence is the counter to sound whoring a.k.a sitrep pro. Why reverse it and make it way unbalanced? I need a reply. Please don't ruin an entire gamemode.




    And also, please heavily consider the impact proficiency countering the ballistic vest especically in hardcore search and destroy. There isn't a counter to the ballistic vest and they give you a tremendous advantage in hardcore search and destroy. It's ruining the game, and is very annoying when you face a whole clan who has them every single round and there is nothing you can do about it. Is it really fair to put 5 (sometimes 6 : My friend put literally 5 mp5 silenced bullets at close range into a guy, only to have him turn around on and just fling 1 bullet into him and get the kill.) THAT ISN'T BALANCE!!



    Please reply, and I'm on the xbox360 just to let you know. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE.



    -upset mw3 customer

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    About your argument regarding SitRep and Dead Silence- Tell me, what counters Dead Silence right now?
    Dead Silence = Silent footsteps.
    SitRep Pro = Louder enemy footsteps.


    Therefore, if SitRep Pro makes enemy footsteps louder by, say, 100% and Dead Silence makes footsteps quieter by, say, 100%, then both players would receive a 0% advantage, thus balancing each other out and receiving normal volume.


    What you're implying is, even though SitRep Pro is supposed to make footsteps louder, you think that Dead Silence should still be completely silent. You think that players using SitRep Pro should just not get the benefits of the Pro version?


    The following isn't quite related to the balancing of the two said perks, but rather the comparison in difficulty to unlock.
    Dead Silence makes your footsteps quiet immediately, thus immediately negating SitRep Pro without any effort. SitRep requires a Pro version, which you have to destroy a large amount of enemy equipment. This is purely limited and a predetermined chance relating to whether or not your enemies even have or decide to put down equipment. Meanwhile, Dead Silence, you can get Pro specifically based on your ability to kill enemies. For example, I could go on a rampage and get 40 kills in a close range vicinity in one game and almost have Dead Silence Pro unlocked. SitRep Pro, however, I need the enemy to put down 50 pieces of equipment in one game to even have a chance to get SitRep Pro. Nothing is stopping you from killing the enemies (except lack of skill or perhaps, their greater skill) as there are always enemies. On the other hand, there are many factors in whether or not you will get SitRep Pro in a small or large amount of games.


    Fact of the matter is, SitRep users have to work for their sound benefit. Dead Silence users immediately get theirs, and even their Pro version is easily obtainable. You think that SitRep Pro users should simply not get to hear you, losing a huge and arguably the primary benefit of their perk, just because you got to level 55?


    Edit: I do, however, completely agree with the Impact Proficiency doing damage through Ballistic Vests. If it enables them to shoot through steel or multiple concrete walls and kill someone, a Ballistic Vest shouldn't stand much of a chance.

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    What is it? People is not the first time faced with these, deal please!

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    ZZlwR1 wrote:


    Hello Gandhi,

    Here are a few questions, would be awesome if you can answer the all =)


    - I am playing Elite since the beggining and playing in all the Lone Wolf Operations with prizes. I won over 10000$ in prizes with that, but they now have rules that make me inelligible for operations as I won too much money. It's quite unfair that I can't play lonewolf operations during one year juste because I won more than 1k. Do you plan any updates for this rule?


    - Does the "Clan Operation data missing" bug will be resolved soon?


    - When are the clan challenges coming out?


    Thanks, have a good day =)

    I'll forward these to the Elite team and report back.





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    I do have some problem with sitrep hearing everyone.  It may turn it into a camper tool.  If you are not moving then the enemy can't hear you.  It could put a serious hamper in agressive gameplay.  If the enemy camps with sitrep then it would be impossible to sneak up on them they would be able to hear you coming and you won't be able to hear them because they are not moving.  Dead silence at least puts the camper and rusher on the same level sound information wise. 


    Maybe if specialist bonus would make it so sitrep still wont hear dead silence then it might be less of a problem.

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    G IH A IN ID II wrote:

    Mmacola1 wrote:


    Hey Ghandi, is it possible for the MP team to make some things (such as skull death markers, bomb sites, drop zones, capture flags) slowly disappear if you're ADSed as Black Ops did? Thanks.

    This isn't currently on the list of things being worked on but I'll raise it with the team.





    Ghandi, you might not remember, but you've taken this issue to the team before, and the answer you posted was effectively just that the team "No".


    If they say "no" again, could you try to get a reason why they can't or don't want to do it?

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    Hey G IH A IN ID II,


    Will we get a decent heads up regarding the release dates for the DLC this month? Not sure who is in charge of announcing DLC drop dates but hopefully we will be told more than 12 hours before they release. Also, I'm guessing that we will also see another 6 map content collention drop for non-elite players and subsequent inclusion of the new DLC in regular matchmaking, right? (for xbox of course)