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  • 420. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    electricfuneralfire wrote:


    I tell you what I find funny is when I kill someone with a shotty and theyre like "wtf you still use a shotty, ok then im pullin out my shotty" and they dont do sht that game so if they did pull out there shotty at all they didnt do good with it.

    Yea, I get this too. If I'm destroying the other team with my spas 12, they start bringing their shotguns out too. It makes things easier for me because they usually suck with them.

  • 421. Re: Shotgun balance thread

    I'm with you on that one, I lost count (stopped keeping track is more like it) of how many times I've got the drop on people just to have them turn around on me in HARDCORE after a center mass shot from behind.


    Just makes me laugh when I hear people in the lobby complain about them like their easy-mode weapons, when we ALL know the only easier to use SG's are the Striker, and USA (post patch).


    Also to the weapons balance team to say to use the Model takes "skill" is a joke when you can't even kill somebody you get the drop on in HC:S&D.  But you seem to know things we the community don't so no worries, specially when it just comes down to the luck of the pellets.



    I just know for the next Infinity Ward CoD it might be a smarter idea to knock the SG's back to SECONDARIES if your going to keep them at the current level they are at.

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    Really like when I start of a match using my shottie and by the end of the game everyone is using them :)

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    Most people don't last that long.  most people give up after they get their crap pushed in by me and my team mated who are using longer rage weapons.

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    Well good thing I'm not MOST ppl . Doesn't matter even if I start going negative I just keep going. I luv the rage down the mic when they get owned and one shotted to the face :)

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    That is literally the only reason I still use them.  They are not good enough weapons to be a tactical choice.  And the random hitmarkers really take away a lot of fun.  I have really slowed down on playing with shotguns.  I would far rather do well with another fun weapon than doing crap with a fun weapon.  Thats why I have been playing with the ump a bunch lately. 

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    I'm fine with/ happy with all the new changes and even tried to get the lmgs buffed back even though I never used them much.


    What I don't understand is that they won't buff the spas and model. The spas clearly being less reliable than it was in its zone with 12 pellets, so the "buff" was disappointing. While the fmgs (akimbo machine pistols in general) and relatively good semi-autos striker and usas-12 (usas-12 has a better ohk ratio cqb than these two cbq) are in the game. The spas, model and the ksg absolutely need ohks with their fire rate yet they all show inconstancy in their zone. Why can't they at least improve the ads of these guns to a 4 spread regardless of steady aim (not forcing people to use it) and why does a semi-auto have a pellet more while needing 3 pellets too with damage compared to the spas and model? That's not balance. It's not like the potential range the model and spas have make them good, they usually need two hits at best there regardless with means a pp90 can kill you at least 3/4 times before you even get a chance at a second shot..


    These guns are insignificant overall when we have secondary machine pistols, which also fcks up pistol balance, let alone a primary gun class, something shotguns should be..

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    My friends always get mad at me for using the Striker because I turn lobbies into Striker lobbies xD.

    Btw, my K/D with the Striker is 1.92, and my K/D with the Spas is 1.36.... I have 14000 kills with the Striker thought and 3400 with the Spas. Just goes to show how crap the shotguns are.

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    I get a lot of moments where I just cuddle people with the spas & damage. Which would indicate that just one pellet hit their limbs or something, pretty hard to believe when my aim was at least half way decent in the killcam constantly, I get another hitmarker actually doing some damage and then die. This game must have a lot of sync issues.

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    This is sad... shotguns are the easiest weapons to do well with, typically on every game, but of course the babied CoD community needs them to be easier.



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