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I don't care what people call it, Camping is Camping.

I've seen countless Machinima Respawn videos, and countless commentator videos of their scores going 82-3 or 24-1 or something like that, and they will use every term under the book. "Tactically holding down" "Defending an Area" "Its not campy" etc. But lets just call it what it really is, camping.


Now there is a difference between camping and preparing. For instance if I see someone running down a hallway on my radar, I will aim my sights at the door wating for him to come sprinting through so I can shoot him, thats not camping. I see it in MOAB videos all the time of people holding up in one little room and they have their portable radars in all of the doorways. Thats camping.


Staying in one area the entire game is camping, I don't care what you call it. You don't have to aim your sights down a hallway for it to be called camping. If you are held up in one area for the entire game it is camping, I don't care if you are trying to get a MOAB. You camped.


Defending a flag or a domination point is borderline camping. Being in a spot where the enemy had a clear chance to fight you is not camping, hiding behind the car and giving yourself only a fraction of viewing angle so the enemy couldnt hit you at all...thats camping.


I'm just so tired of seeing people defend camping, and beating around the bush of what they are really doing. I don't camp one bit. My KDR is .83 because I have fun when I play this game, and I also love to play Infection. My Blops KDR was around 1.27 when I quit, and I didn't camp on that either. I don't care about going 2949-2 either, its not true skill.


Just some thoughts.


Edit: Basically for anybody confused. If you stay in one paticular area of the map for the entire game, you are a camper. I'm not telling people they should rush all over the map all the time. But like people who hold up in those buildings on Seatown and purposly chill in the stairway and shoot anybody who tries to come up it, etc. are camping. They are easy to take out but it is still camping. Taking your time around the maps and checking things out is perfectly ok, as long as you do not hold up in one building the entire game. A game perfect for camping is Infected. I hate playing Domination and seeing people simply camp the flags instead of playing the objective.

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