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BANG says Knife in FFA


I'll be playing MW3 on Xbox Live in 10 or so minutes. I'd like to challenge anyone on the forums to try and win 5 games in a row against me. If you can do that without camping/SMGs then cool, I'll consider you an equal and have respect.


I am not a cheater, so don't suspect any iffy things to happen, and as well I have honour whilst I play for fun. I don't have an ego or overconfidence, but I am comfortable with how I game, my weapons, all the maps, and all the spawns.


My gamertag is BANG says Knife

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       Since you are so good, ..... why five?


       And then you still wont have respect for them if they camp and beat you?


        If you are so good it shouldnt matter what weapons/tactics others use.



         Here is how I see it. If you try to negate someone's accomplishments because of a legit tactic that you just dont happen to like, its virtual cheating.


        Just what is cheating. Its artificially inflating your rank basically ... yes?


       So when you rattle off a bunch of bs to inflate your ranking in the game, you are cheating in your own mind.


        You seem to be a decent player...... why not try to be a decent person?

         You have potential to be impressive, but nobody cares about your potential simply because you act like an *ss.

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      If someone uses the tactics of camping and spraying with an SMG and wins 5 or more games against me in a row(basically dominating everyone in FFA) then I am doing something wrong with my motto of "Engage ADAPT DESTROY/Learn/Assimilate".


      If I pin someone'stactics down to a T and call them out on it and nicely ask, "Why do you need that to win," then it's up to them to change or keep doing what they're doing.


      I believe we all make choices. Dishonesty happens in the degrees. And I am impressed with people who can play ANY map with ANY weapon and dominate. So by my standards, as I am judged by other's standards already, no "Pro" or "MLG player" or anyone who camps and sprays is impressive. Being on tv getting sponsors flying all over the country doesn't mean anything to me. I play for fun. Posting screen shots of recent games is me sayings, THIS IS HOW MUCH FUN I HAD!


      And winning is fun. I can definitely lose though. It's just never happened against someone who uses playstyles in the dishonesty of spray tactics and camping/patrolling areas for easy kills.


      So far only about literally 15 gamers in this forum use the mk14. And I had to click and read every single post just to find mk14, search was of no help for that. I use it because it's hard to use against people with automatic smgs and asault rifles. And also my affinity for it in the CoD games. It's reliable, great at close to long ranges, and seems to me, is able to work well in any gunfight.


      The people who have camped and sprayed told me that I am using an overpowered nonskill weapon. So how am I not supposed to assume they think an SMG requires skill? How am I not supposed to put two and two together and assume they think they're good using lowly tactics and weapons that require skilll?


      My respect doesn't matter to anyone and no one cares that I put up my numbers. But there's nothing wrong with winning a lot and wishing others would learn and adapt like I do to evolve away from spraying all over the place. It takes me back to my Duck Hunt days. You had to pull the trigger for every shot.... And makes me think anyone else nowadays that camps and sprays would suck horribly at Duck Hunt.


      And I don't need to impress anyone, I'm not trying to. I say good game and good luck to almost everyone I play and am in a lobby with. I can enter a lobby and everyone with yellow prestige clantags take notice of me and everyone starts leaving the lobby. I don't need to understand any of that bee ess.


      And I'm not acting like an ass. It's all about who infers what. And so far no one has inferred that I have fun.

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      Lol nice one!!

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    So you say that if someone beats you they can't use an SMG? But it's in the game.  resticting somsne to a Win without using a certian weapon is extremely dumb.  You say this ebcause since you only Use ARs, you can easily be out gunned by an SMG. So instead of adapting and using them, you jsut restict other players to.


    On a plus note, it seem syou've already been beaten ocne tonight.  Telling someone to bear you 5 times in a row is a bit much.  A Win is a Win, a Loss is a Loss.  it doens't matter if they ebat you once, or 100 times, they key point is they beat you.


    Speaking of which, I ran into you a few weaks ago in FFA.  You were using a Rapid Fire Ext. Mag PP90. I wouldn't say you were camping, but you weren't exactly running around either.


    Take as you must, but coming on the forums and bragging to people who frankly couldn't care less since this is the easiest CoD to date.