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  • 10. Re: I don't care what people call it, Camping is Camping.

    People are certianlly entitled to however they want, they bought the game, but don't consider yourself good if all you do is camp in a room and go 27-2. Because you aren't.


    I've had games where I went 12 and 7 but I had the top score overall due to how much I helped out my team. My scores crush campers scores. And this was also in a TDM game.


    Right now at my current level (37) I on average get around 3000 points, and about 5 thousand from match bonus if we win. I use UAV, Sam Turret and Recon Drone. UAV tells me where people are, Sam Turret gets rid of all Air Support, and Recon Drone gives me crap ton of points for picking out campers. Not bragging, but I am usually the top scoring player on my team every game since using this setup


    Like I said defending flags could be borderline camping, you can guard the flag and still be moving around, which is perfectly fine, but when you chill in one spot with your crosshairs aimed at a hallway, thats camping, unlike the example that I said in which I knew by my radar to prefer for the guy running down the hallway.


    I agree that Snipers are the worst, I loathe snipers period. At least Call of Duty isn't as bad as Battlefield in this aspect, holy crap.


    Anyway, those are just my thoughts.

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    DerBatmen wrote:


    I somewhat agree. Guarding Flags and Bombs is defending, but not when you make an unfair advantage to the other team (Controlling Spawns, Spawn Killing, etc.)

    Why would we want to make it easier for the other team? I don't like camping as much as the next person but I don't consider spawn trapping camping. Just my opinion..

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       So camping is camping, but you have things that arent camping that other people say are camping ............. I'm confused.


       Not really, I get it. If you are ads at a doorway you are waiting, but if someone else does it its camping. Camping is camping .. when its the other guy doing it.


        Everyone camps at oe time or anothre, in someone's opinion.


       But it doesnt matter who calls it what. If its  a situation wher a particular tactic works, I'm going to do it. And if its not working and I feel like doing it, I'm gonna do it anyway.

        If it makes you feel better about dying to say the guy who killed you was camping, go for it man. But if anyone thinks I'm embarrased because a dead guy just called me a name you fail.  I quit being concerned about name calling somewhere around 2nd grade.


        And lol .......... hiding in a corner away from danger while you fly a toy helicopter around the map so that your teammates can do the work ............ what would you call that?

  • 13. Re: I don't care what people call it, Camping is Camping.

    Clearly I struck a note with you so i'll bite.


    If I'm going around the map and I see someone fixing to run out of the door on my radar of course ill aim at the door so I can shoot him when he comes out. Now if I would have glitch-proned into a wall and aimed at the door for 5 minutes, I would be camping.


    Camping is a cheap way to show skill and is only useful for people who think your KDR gets you laid or gets you a job. There is absolutly no tactical reason to camp other then defending a flag or making sure someone doesn't disarm your bomb you just planted. Something tells me you are the guy who goes 59-2 in Domination with 2 flag captures and thinks you are "leet"


    I hardly ever blame deaths on camping because campers are idiots and I can flush them out after I die. 80% of my deaths in this game are purely from being outskilled by other players. 10% is from killstreaks I could have avoided, and 10% of from little streakmarks on the underpants that is Call of Duty.


    I don't quite understand your name calling argument?


    As far as recon droning goes, I mark enemies on the radar so my teammates know where they are camping at and can flush them out, or quit sprinting around the corner so they can be ready to take out the guy, or to know how many enemies are guarding a flag, disarming the bomb, etc. I will flat out activate my recon drone while standing still in the middle of a open map, I don't go hide in a corner. Its actually very useful and for TDM usually wins the game for us.

  • 14. Re: I don't care what people call it, Camping is Camping.

    Did someone mention camping? Lets go ill bring the marshmallows

  • 15. Re: I don't care what people call it, Camping is Camping.

    Your wasting your time here. All these guys camp. You should read some of my forums. Then you will know who camps. People who defend camping they camp. People say they brought the game so they can play it how they want camps.



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    Okay you contradict yourself here. You spawn trap by sitting in a spot where you have a line of sight into their spawn. Then you sit there the whole game. Thats camping bro.

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          If someone is camping, don't you know exactly where they are? So either kill them or stay away from that area. people are going to do exactly what they want to on their own couch. because it's their couch.

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    Well i guess there are multiple ways to look at this topic. Here are my .02 and this is based off of me primarily playing objective games mostly domination

    Camper Emeritus: defined aka the worst camper of them all.

    The guy who hides in a corner to protect his kdr when he is getting slaughtered in domination . We all know this guy he is the one hiding in the little shadowed slit on seatown by the staircase and big truck waiting for someone to rush of of B or come from the tower by the A flag. other favorite hiding spots would be the coffee bar in Arkaden on the lower level between A and C etc.


    The Noob Camper: AKA the guy who hides in a corner but is easily picked of because he will still be there after he killed you once. Favorite locations behind the desk in the corner of B on Dome, Hiding in the shadows by the B flag on Seatown.


    The Bushmaster: This is the guy hiding in the bushes most likely wearing a ghille suit favorite locations the bush on Mission by the B flag or the upper section by the bridge also on Mission. Villiage are Fallen would probably be this persons favorite maps.


    The Wiley Camper: This is the most advanced of the breed as they have mastered the art of camping and will move from one spot to the next while staying in the same area. They are tactical and try to outsmart their rage filled opponent. These types of campers are best taken care of with flashbangs and recon.


    The Defender: This is the one that crack me up the most, I got complaints about one the most while playing demo especially before they changed the spawns. This is the one situation where I would never call someone out for camping because they are doing exactly what is needed to protect an objective and win a game. 

    What were we suppossed to do leave the bomb wide open for you to plant. Shouldn't I be calling you the dumb one for not clearing the area first. I am terrible sorry I did not make it easier for you to plant the bomb.


    The other part to remember is the kill cams only show a part of what really happened, While it may look like someone was camping they may have either seen you on radar or on thier screen and took up a covered position to kill you.


    I actually prefer to rush vs camp as told in my accolades for most distance travelled out gaining most time in one place by a 3-1 margin so please dont take this as a defense for camping. 

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    whenever i use recon drone i die all the time

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