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8 Player Zombies...Good or Bad? The Vote

So...one of the main rumours going around is that Zombies might have 8 players. As I said this is just a rumour but it got me thinking....Will 8 players be a good or bad thing for Zombies? I have been looking through the threads on here as well as checking other Zombies communities to try and see whether people see this as a good or bad thing. So I have decided to post this discussion to see what you guys think.

What I would like everyone to do is to put GOOD or BAD as the 1st word on your reply followed by a brief explanation. (The brief explanation is optional.)

I will then check this discussion twice daily and keep a running tally of the GOOD's and BAD's and post the results so we can see how the Zombies community feels about having 8 players.



.To make things easier I am keeping the tally below and will update it as often as I can.

I will try to reply to as many people as I can but my kerboard is bust and I'm using an on-screen LOL.





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