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    звучит как очень хорошая идея! (Слава богу, для Google Translate)

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    Map idea...how about a map called ditch the ***** in the deep southern swamps and you get to

    Play as some rednecks ...and instead of hell hounds you get to kill hell alligators plus your weapons will be inprovised like bow and arrows , shotguns,maybe use a boat to get around the map and bring back the bamboo land mine oooooh and this time you get to use machetes and hay forks like the ones that treyarch showed in call of the dead... What do you think?

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    ya u get in boats and go to different islands with different kind of zombies!

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    zombie ideas. blackops2



    everyone starts out in a diffrent room and then meet up in the middle and hold off zombies.


    new perks keep flopper mulekick double tap juggs and slight


    perk1. Rage- it turn you into a zombie for a minute so if your conerd you use it and get out of the way of the zombies. 10,000


    perk2.Mortar X2- you get 2 mortar pits and you put them somewere and when a mob runs by it launches up and make a big explosion and kills them all.15,000



    perk3. Spacebound- with this perk you get to be in a lockhead sr71 blackbird spyplane and show other players were perks drops wall wepons mystery boxes etc are at after you use it you buy it for 2x the price




    new maps..........


    map1. take place at sixxflags magic mountain in california. and theres escape ways like rollercoasters that cost 4,000 for perks there at the entrance of the park.


    map2. takes place at worlds largets water park. and you escape down water slides to get away from zombies and the perks are at the tope of each slide.


    new weapons


    weapon1.the perkenator3000. you shoot a zombie with it and it turns them into a perk and you have 5 seconds to get it or it dissipears.


    weapon2.hellhound purifier V1 upgraded V2. V1- if you shoot a hellhound they arent evil and they help you until there dead. V2- when upgraded if you shoot a zombie they become your friend and help you with the battle.





    drop1. walking ac130


    drop2.Raid. sends  a group of russian troops to kill the zombies.


    drop3.fireWORKS- for this drop to work you have to have phd flopper. with it you are on fire and you burn the zombies.



    new characters.


    sixflaggs map

    character1. Neil patrick harris.

    character2. Scarface(Tony montanna)

    character3. Captain america lol

    character4. Jack Black


    waterpark map

    character1. Matt shadows from avenged sevenfold

    character2. James owen sullivan from avenged sevenfold

    character3. Zacky vengence from avenged sevenfold

    character4. Synester gates from avennged sevenfold

    character5. Johnny Christ from avenged sevenfold





    bands-Avenged sevenfold, shinedown, slipknot, skillet etc




    Avenged sevenfold-song1. beats and the harlot


    shinedown-song2. diamond eyes


    slipknot-song3. pyschosocial


    skillet-song4. monster


    and any other good zombie killing songs...............


    thank you for letting my share my ideads with the cod community, it would be amazing if some of these thing really were on the game

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    i dont like of your perks, and a lot of people had similar ideas

    perks are meant to be used as many times as your want until you down and they go away

    your perk ideas could be equipment but idk about perks

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    Is there a possiblity that some of these GOOD ideas will be applied to the Zombies Gameplay in Black Ops II?



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    all right i got a perfect idea for ZOMBIES a aircraft carrier not american one but a nazi one it sould have a new version of all the balck ops 1 wepones maby some from the new black ops the defanetley sould have 2 version of the mystery box one with the regurler weopens and the 2nd one sould have all the specal wepones specel one cost 3,000 points and the reguler box cost ofcourse 950 points anyone like 

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    my english isn't so good, but all ideas from here are great.

    Do you can make a second mode, where you can use mods etc. (unlimeted ammo, godmode.....).

    But this mode is just a Fun mode and it count not for the ranking list.(JUST FOR FUN)

    It's funny and the hacker dont hack, because the hacks are in the game!!!


    Yours iProStar

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    what i would like to see is a perk that allows you to get more than the standard four perks. ex. buy the four perks you want than go to the machine and buy it for about 7500-10000 points. it doesnt take up a spot but gives you another so you can buy another perk. each time you buy it the machine goes somewhere else in the map and increases in cost so that for every time you want another perk you have to pay more but it will be worth it. Plus put different possible wonder weapons in the box for different characters.

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    i definately agree. we should also see alot of new game tools, hopefully

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