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    I've got an idea. What if, when a player is downed, he drops the gun he is using at the time. When he gets revived, he picks it back up. If the player gets revived, nothing changes, but if the player dies, the other players can be able to pick up his gun and use it. If the gun is out of ammo, your screwed, but if the gun has full ammo, it could give the team a little extra to get through a higher level.

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    The only bad thing about that idea would be the lag, should about 50 people go down before the end of the match.  All those gun would have to be processed by the system, and imagine if they're dual-wielded?  There would have to be a clean-up system after every round to get it to work.  Especially since the player who die could easily go back and pick up their weapons.  Also to fix the lag.

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    I could see how that would be a factor. My thinking was that it would be just like Last Stand from multiplayer. Obviously the weapon would disappear after a certain amount of time (i.e. one or two levels).

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    That is where the person respawning becomes a problem.  They could go back to pick up their weapons and BOOM!  Right back in the game after a few bought perks.  There would need to be a clean up after every round.

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    I remember when Der Riese came out, and it was awsome, scary, action packed entertainment. Many people agree when I say Der Riese was the best map, but what are the things that the newer maps have lacked? One thing is the fear factor. I remember getting a crawler and just walking around the map, and it was fricken creepy. The fly trap easter egg was the weirdest thing, mainly because nobody knows what it does, and the whole night time atmosphere was creepy. Also the design of the map is fantastic. It's somewhat big, but very open; unlike ShangriLa where it's fricken huge but its got very tight corners. Der Riese was so fun because you could go on the catwalk and look down and snipe incomming zombies. The Black Ops maps got progressively worse, because they got rid of camping spots... wait... shouldnt multiplayer maps be doing that? Zombies is all about holding down and controling an area, not running in circles!!! The catwalk on Der Riese was the best, because it felt like you were holding your area and recking ****!


    Once features from older maps are applied, I think there should be a bit of a customization to the map. Nothing drastic, just things like setting up a base camp on the map, making strategic placement of sandbag walls, or even setting down an armoury or something. I want it to feel like I'm really trying to survive in an apocalyptic world.


    FINAL PRODUCT IDEA: Have a map on the outskirts of a big city. Make it huge!!! but with few doors to unlock. Make it very open and flat, and dark like Der Riese. Next, have the starting room very empty but with some size to it (I'll come back to this). After every round, you have the choice to either start the next round, or go scavange in the city. If nobody picks anything after 12-15 seconds, it will just start the next round. Scavanging is risky, it's kinda like going back to earth on "Moon". There will be progressively more zombies but you will have the chance to find guns, tools, etc. Then to get back everyone has to make it back to the highway out, and back to the map. Once you're back the round starts immediatly.

         Back to the starting room. Also after a round ends, you have the option to upgrade your starting room. You can buy weapon slots on the wall, which just makes the gun's chalk outline appear on the wall, it doesnt give you the gun. You can make sandbag walls, which zombies can climb over, it just takes some time for them. You can buy the PaP Machine, which opens it up. There are so many possibilites, and with 8 people at once, it could be pretty epic.


    Customization is one thing in zombies that could be pretty cool, and open even more possibilities.


    Please respond!

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    Your idea of an upgradeable area sounds like Horde Mode in Gears of War 3.  Set up a base and just upgrade the area?  It would be best in a completely flat area, like your idea of the first room, will there also be buyable traps and upgradeable barriers?  And what happens with all the perks and the mystery box?  Try to elaborate on these points and post again.  Like the idea though! 

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    the game starts out in a plain old 3 story house. tere can be 6 players and when some one goes down they have the potion to become a zombie and kill everyone else or wait to be revived. te objective ofthis map is to turn on the power outside and find keys to a car and drive to richtoften and samantha's dad's hous and shut down the element 115 maker and kil the zombies still alive.this map will be called "Am Leben Bleiben" (stay alive)


    PERK IDEA: "Bouncin Beverage"has the ability to make you jump over buildings to get away from zombies or get som where faster. but you can only use it once every 3 minutes.

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    Я бы зделал карту в кремле тамбы на уравне кагда собаки появлялис оживал ленин

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    You buy it and then maybe hold L2 (PS3) or LT (XBOX) for 2 seconds or just double tap it to activate it, you can only use it once per round but after you use it the first time you can re-use for 500-1 000 points

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    There must be a map where you start in a destroyed city after the explosion of moon EE and you must compete an Easter Egg to get inside a building where you to somehow accomplish something that goes up with the story line.


    you must make a mchine that gives random attachments.it may look like the mystery box but smaller.


    u must make a perk called gravity pepsi that makes you jump like in moon but a little less.


    make a wonder weopon that removes the heads of zombies or another wonder weopn burns multiple zombies by one shot similar to the wonderwuff and has splash damage like the napalm zombie>

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