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Got any Domination tips for me?

Just started playing this last night and got a feel for the flow of it after a few games and actually had a really good time so I'm looking for lots of little tips to take into consideration, not looking for huge gameplay or full class tips, more along the lines of Perks which are most beneficial, crucial KS's and what flags are best to hold on individual maps, things like that.

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    - Always note that the B flag is the hardest flag to capture on every map. If you play on Ground War Domination it usually ends up that the team that gets the B flag first is the one who wins because of how many people there are.


    - It's very difficult to play against a party. If a party joins I usually leave not because I'm a coward, but because I know that I don't stand a chance with randoms, so then I hook up with my teammates.


    - Support killstreaks are suitable for Domination. The UAV, CUAV, and Ballistic Vest combo all help your team while crippling the others.


    I'll come up with more later.

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    - If your team has 2 flags never EVER go for the third and stay out of their spawn otherwise they'll start spawning at one of your flags.


    - Be a team player, as stated UAV, CUAV and BV's are cool but remember AUAV and the Recon Drone.


    - Speaking about Recon, that perk is perfect for this game type, see a flag flashing then throw a Flash grenade at it to find out exactly where the enemy is.


    - Use flanking tactics (this is common sense but I'm constantly able to walk up behind 3 or 4 people and take them out, you'll be suprised at how unaware people are is this game mode)


    - In regard to holding flags, the worst one I can think of is A on mission when the enemy has C and B, good luck if you find yourself in that situation.


    if I can think of more I'll add them.

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    Yes, B Flag in all maps is crucial to gain, hold it for as long as you can


    Once youve got two flags under your control, dont try and triple cap, there is no point.  Just wait at the two points you own and they will come to you, this is a good way to rack up those kills. 


    As for perks, i use Assasin alot, this helps out massivly against those pesky Predi's.


    Advanced UAV's are a great helper on domi, as you can see those little campers holding some of the flags.  Pick them off and you will soon see them not camping those points.


    If you roll out Support, go for a recon drone, this is a huge help for the team, it also gives a ton of XP.  (Remmeber if you use hardline pro, assists count as kills , if x2)


    Allways play to the objective, this is the most important rule.  If your playing dom for easy kills, go play TDM or KC, Domi is WAY more fun if the teams battle for the flags. (as its meant to be played.)


    Add me if you want to play some games i am allways on from 22:00 uk time till the early hours.  GT = Username on the forum.


    Have fun

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    Sometimes yesterday I actually went the long way up behind them going for the third flag myself when we had two and just being greedy so will stop that, AUAV is something I didn't really consider but will give it a try today.

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    i only play ground war dom so limited in advice for regular but, here goes


    dom on mw3 is very very very badly thought out


    village forget a, cap c an b, one person can control c an b by themself, the a spawn is too far away


    baakara, forget a, cap c an b, one person can control c an b by them self, the a spawn is too far away


    resistance, imo a an b are better as you can have cover from air support in the shop


    interchange, i prefer to hold a an b


    arkaden, forget c, cap a an b, one person can control a an b by themself


    fallen, imo a an c are best to cap an hold


    outpost, imo c an b are best/easiest to defend


    the rest jus go for a fight an see what happens


    i run slieght of hand, overkill, marksman or stalker pending map


    msr, lsw or mg36, betty an flash


    flash the enemys side of the flag, walk the lmg in on full chat, cap flag leave a betty an pull back to a vantage point so i can defend with my rifle


    dom in mw3 is rubbish, the result most of the time depends on where you first spawn which is a very poor show imo

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      This is what I really want to hear, what flags are best to cap, anyone disagree with any this guys mentioned?

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        okay lets see, in no particular order


        Seatown- A and C are about the same, this map all comes down to which team can cap B and hold it.


        Dome- flags constantly change control on this map, just cap whatever flag you are near (this is the one map I would advise triple capping as it doesn't really matter about the spawns)


        Arkaden- definitly go for A and B


        Bakaara- either A or C and B, The path to B from A has slightly more cover, maybe ... thats about it though.


        Resistance- ahhhh B flag on this map is a snipers paradise. you get more cover from the A side so A and B again.


        Downturn- ... god I hate this map erm... A is inside soooo A and B I guess, if the enemy has B prepare to die... Alot. well in my experience anyway .


        Bootleg- Getting B is, again, a git on this map but once you have it, it is pretty easy to hold. I personally have an equally easy time with both A and C so yeah.


        Carbon- If you only have A or C prepare to be spawn killed several times just get B is all the advice I can give.


        Hardhat- Another small map B is easier to hold from A side so A and B.


        Lockdown- Love this Map, C is probably better than A thanks to all the buildings but again good luck on B it's wide open from every side.


        Village- easily C and B as stated previously they can both be easily defended from the same place.


        Fallen- The one map where having B is not good because if that is your only flag you'll get spawn trapped in that general area, A and C are the way forward here.


        Outpost- C and B. B is much easier to defend from C side.


        Interchange- meh A and C are about the same, getting B is fun though.


        Underground- I would say I prefer having C and B but I'm not sure if many will agree with me on this one.


        Mission- The worst A flag in the game, if it's your only flag, consider leaving.


        I can't comment on any of the DLC maps as I have rarely played them.


        but yeah I mean generally if you have A and B and the enemy is capping A go for C because chances are the enemy team are spawning at A.

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    The A flag on mission and bootleg suck. Try to avoid capping these even if you start here. It is easy to get spawn trapped at these flags. Also playing domination is best played with a team. Smoke is good to use if you are having trouble capping a flag. C-4 is nice to use for easy double and triple kills on flags.

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    support is your friend if you can get a good ammount of kills i recommend going support with hardline and chosing only the UAV and CUAV you should easily be able to keep them up the whole match giving a huge advantage.


    don't be afraid to camp the flags if you have two of them.


    don't triple cap unless you are on Dome.


    be prepaired for Stealth bombers and EMPs every match due to the length.


    try to play with friends.


    use a stinger.


    mines use bettys and claymores to protect flags, make use of the trophy system when capping or defending as it will protect from predators and grenades, think about the tac insertion.


    LMGs are great for defending.


    some map notes to go on top of the above.


    Arkaden - go for A and B a single good sniper can hold both theses by themselves.


    Resistance - go for C and B and its much better to snipe B from the C side as you can head-glitch from the stairs you can't from the other side.


    Mission - never get A it is effectivly in a hole where the other team can surround it with the hight advantage.

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      Started yesterday using just UAV and BV but changed to UAV/SB/JR because I didn't find the UAV as handy as it is in TDM or KC when you had no idea where the enemy was but in this you can always tell where they are apart from a few drifters down the flanks and also because of the amount of points I get in this mode, usually get 2 stealth bombers a game.

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    Get B at the start. Find spots to get it with the most cover.

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    you can use a shotty/smg with extream conditioning and blast shield and rush flag B from the start to

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    Hey I've read the forums for a while but your post prompted me to register. Figured I could help you out a bit as a guy who plays primarily Dom and plays almost exclusively solo (which from the sound of your post is the situation you're in). Also, all my tips will be focused on winning, not on racking up the most kills possible.


    Note: this is all for 6 v 6. Most will apply to ground war too but not all.


    1. Have an extreme conditioning class. This is necessary for rushing flags when you desperately need a capture. Put a good smg on here (Mp7, pp90, p90, UMP). In some maps I recommend capturing B right off the bat, in these cases start with this class (you can switch to something else once you have 2 flags).


    2. Sadly, the majority of people who play domination play it to get kills and maintain their KD. Honestly this is really easy to do due to predictable spawns people just take advantage of players who play the objective. Due to this, unfortunately you cannot count on your team to capture or hold flags, or to not ruin the spawns. With that said, do whatever you can to help the 2-3 guys on your team when they try to play the objective.


    3. Blast shield might seem like a good idea, but it sucks in this game. Don't worry about it, use any of the other perks.


    4. If using quickdraw, c4 is amazing for clearing some flags. Get used to using it.


    5. The following maps it is easy and helpful to the team to capture B right off the bat (as in ignore your starting flag).


    Resistance- hide behind the piece of wall that sticks out. Can be captured regardless of inital spawn. You want this one as it is incredibly difficult to capture later if other team has any campers using t95/mk14/snipers


    Seatown- Use the stand in front of the overlooking window as cover. This one is very hard to capture later on if team is intent on defending it.


    Arkaden- If coming from C stay left and aim gun straight ahead. If coming from A stay left and aim gun at entrance on the right.


    Hardhat- If coming from C use the tractor in front of you as cover. You will probably have to kill 1 or 2 people to take flag tho. If coming from A, stay to the left at B and just lay down. You can usually cap it without them even noticing.


    Outpost- No trick here, but this flag can be hard to take later so i recommend just going for it early.


    6. Now for the first big problem with MW3 domination: The starting positions on most maps are completely unfair.


    Village: If you start between B and C, go for C unless other teammates go there. Most teammates will go for B as it gets them easier kills. If you start A, you can either try to rush to C (need Extreme Conditioning) or you can grenade B while taking A and try to take B quickly. Taking B can be difficult if the other team is good at placing their grenades.


    Dome: If you start between B and C, go for B. This is an easy cap if you don't suck at shooting. Now your teammates will likely go for kills and might not even capture C, but that's ok as C is really easy to capture if you know the right spot (don't know how to describe it really). If you start A, you can either just take A or try to rush B. I generally rush B and try to throw a C4 on the flag. Most of the time you will die but sometimes it works and then you can capture B.


    Mission: As many people have mentioned, if you only hold A on this map you are screwed. Therefore, if you start C, rush B so they only have A. This is an easy cap. If you start A, I recommend trying to take B right away, but you have farther to go. With good use of flashes/stuns and grenades as well as some decent shooting you can capture it though. With this map though i recommend trying to take C as soon as possible and leave them with A.


    Fallen: If you start B (C is far away), you can generally take B and still have time to run and take C if you have extreme conditioning. If you start A, just take the points and then work your way over to C, hope no one on their team caps it first.


    Interchange: This map makes no sense for domination. You don't really start close to any flags. I would recommend going for B regardless since that flag is a nightmare to cap later. In general i would try to avoid this map though.


    Downturn: Worst map I've ever played other than maybe Convoy from BO DLC. Avoid this map as it sucks. Luckily people almost never vote it.


    7. Without a team, its hard to control which 2 flags you are going to hold. I recommend holding the one that is the hardest to take back. Do whatever you can to hold.


    B in Seatown.

    B in Interchange

    B in resistance

    C and B is Mission (hard to do, but having A is a nightmare).

    Don't let them take A and C in Fallen, any other combo can be fixed though.

    B in Village (holding A is ideal as it provides superior protection from air support and its easier to hold them at C even when playing solo).

    B in Dome. I like to hold A too as its easy to defend by lobbing grenades and C is easy to cap if you ever need to triple cap.


    Arkaden all 3 flags can be taken somewhat easily. If trying to capture B make sure no one is on the top level overlooking it.

    In Hardhat its important to not let them control the middle of the map. While you probably can't control it yourself you can't let them do it. For this I recommend holding A and doing your best to get B.

    I haven't mentioned Bootleg at all. In my opinion it is one of the more fair maps. Getting B can be tough though so try to get it as early as possible.


    8. Killstreaks. This depends on how good of a player you are. If you want to run support, feel free regardless of your skill. UAV/CUAV or Vests works well, recon drone is effective, as are stealth bombers and EMPs. If running assault, UAV/Package/Predator work well for weaker players, stronger players should consider using reapers or AC130's (better than helicopers for domination as it allows you to clear off flags). Predators should be used by all assault players for domination imo.


    9. Playing against parties. This sucks. In domination if you are playing a party that actually wants to win there's not much you can do unless you are really really good. Just try to avoid being spawn trapped and if they catch you in a bad one just leave. I don't like rage quitting but if a party is going to do that to a bunch of noobs in a party match they don't deserve to play really.


    10. Don't know why it took me this long to mention this but have an anti air class. A reaper or AC 130 can cripple your team if you dont shoot it down quickly.


    Other than that, use whatever perks/guns that work for you. Perks are reasonably balanced in this game (Assassin too strong but not so much in dom).


    Hope it helps

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    and if you have problems taking b after the enemy has, try for C or A even if they start taking your point as you take theirs, b should be clear for a moment.

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    Simple. Dont be a Ass and play the Objectives.


    You can be a slayer while still playing objectives.

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    If your playing with randoms and keep caping flags but your teammates never protects them just go for kills cause trying to cap flags with a team like that is to stressful.


    Remember that guy who tells you you're losing  a flag but by the time he says it it's to late or already captured? Watch your flags icon at all times when you can cause once it starts blinking that will alert you if a enemy is capturing it and have more of a chance to stop them cause you would know the instant they stand on it.


    If you're good at getting many kills in one game. Be a killwhore but use support with emp. (dont try to capture unless you're sure you can do it alone or if a team mate is already on it) You're helping your team out by just killing them holding them back.


    If you get two-three emp's per a game save your first emp till you're 4 kills away and use it so you can get another one to emp them again once you hear them using something again.


    Your teammates are scouts on the map. You see one of them disappear off the map then the enemy is there.(unless your teammate was sniped by someone far away)

    thats all i can think of right off the bat but i'll try to put in more helpful tips later.