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Tip for Shotguns.

Here's a tip for people who use shotguns. I will actually go through all of the shotguns and go through each of them and show you which ones to use too.


USAS is an automatic shotgun, so you can just hold down the shoot button. It's easy to take out multiple enemies up close. There's 9 bullets and the damage is 25, 5. That's 225 damage upclose, 45 damage mid and far. Good iron sights. Low Ammo. Need Extra mags. Shoots at 139 rounds per minute.


KSG is a pump action shotgun. It fires at 60 rounds per minute. The bullets do 28, 15. Each pellet holds 9 bullets. That's 252 up close, far away 135. Good for 1v1 close combat. Bad for fighting more than 1v1. Semi good range. Bad iron sights.


Spas is a pump action shotgun. Fires at 60 rounds per minute. The bullets do 30 damage each up close, 14 far away. 8 bullets in each pellet. That's 240 damage up close, 112 far away. Good iron sights. Good for 1v1 close combat. Bad for fighting more than 1v1. Good range.


AA12 is an automatic shotgun. Heavily nerfed. Low ammo. 15 damage up close, 5 far away. 8 bullets in each pellet. That's 120 up close, 40 far away. Good for taking out multiple enemies. Fires at 689 rounds per minute. Terrible range.


Striker is a semi automatic shotgun. It fires at 352 rounds per minute. It has 6 bullets in each pellet. It does 25 damage per bullet up close, 15 far away. That's 150 upclose, 90 far away. Good with extra mags. Terrible iron sights. Semi good range. Good for 1v1 and multiple enemies.


1887 is a lever shotgun. It fires at 60 rounds per minute. Pellets hold 8 bullets. Each bullet does 30 damage up close, 20 far. That's 240 up close, 160 far away. It has 5 shells in each magazine. No attachments. Good range. Good iron sights. Good for 1v1 combat.


Now I'm going to tell you what I think is the best shotguns at of all of them. Next I will give you tips on how to use them.


1. AA12

2. KSG



How to use AA12. Don't use AA12 until you unlock scavenger. Turn on specialist strike package and use sleight of hand pro as your first killstreak. The perks you want is Scavenger, hardline, steady aim. Try to have them all pro. What happens when you don't have scavenger and no specialist wth sleight is that you will lose all your ammo on your first 2 guys and you can't pick up any ammo. Once you get a kill you will be out of ammo so you have to reload. Takes a while without sleight. Once you get your weapon to level 28, that's when the good part comes in. Put on damage and extra mags and you'll be able to take care of all the team. You should take each of them in 2 bullets. Remember it has terrible range.


KSG is plain and simple. Get your weapon to level 28 and use damage and grip. You want accurate shots instead of more ammo. Why? Because you're not going to use all the 8 shells in the magazine. I doub't you'll ever use 4 without reloading. You have enough ammo without extra mags. Just try to keep your hipfires as accurate as possible so you can kill them in 1 hit.


SPAS is the same as KSG except get extra mags instead of grip.


Tip 1: Don't ADS! Do NOT ADS! Only ADS when they're literally 20-40 yards away. They shoot the bullets out, not in. You have a more accurate shot with Grip + Steady Aim, than Grip + Steady Aim + ADS.


Tip 2: Ride at a 2-4 sensitivity. Do not ride at a 8-9. This isn't trick shotting. All you need is to see the person and blast him.


Tip 3: Do not go into battlezones with pump actions. Use AA12 or Striker for the battlezones. A battlezone is the most populated area of the map. Where all the kills mostly take place. Ex: Hardhat... You know where everyone is at.


Tip 4: Use concussion gernades. Don't stun yourself with a flash gernade. Use a quick concussion as you don't need to not look at it when throwing it. It also stuns them so you won't get Akimbo'd by FMG9 when they're flashed.



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    The Striker is probably the "Best" Shotgun which is why n00bs love it...


    My personal fave/best is the USAS...

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    Would say the AA is probably the worst shotgun but for some odd reason it has the highest KD ? Most enjoyable would be the 1887 when it WORKS properly that shottie is so inconsistent . Also the shotguns fire pellets not bullets :) and would be great if they added Dragons breath.

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    Guys AA-12 is one of those weapons that you need to level up to actually get kills. With damage you can kill enemies in 1-2 hits and 4-5 hits far. If you have extended mags + damage, you can take out the enemy team if they're all near you. However you should be hidden before they see you because everyone shooting 1 bullet at you is a one hit kill.

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      in testing the aa12 was only capable of a 2 shot kill out to about 8 meters.  It is extremely dificult to keep engagements inside of those 8 meters.  The striker has a much faster time to kill than the aa12 in almost all circumstances, not to mension 1/3 more range and much larger mag size.


      The best shotgun though would probly be a tie between striker and usas.  The usas has good one shot kill range, an acceptable fire rate, okay ammo loadout, and double sprint built in.  The usas is still a rock solid one shot kill past the range where the aa12 can even shoot.  There is no reason to use the aa12, the gun is seriously awefull.

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    It's a one hit kill almost every hit and it shoots faster. I faced strikers and I went 30-6 and the next game I went 27-11. Damage and Extra mags = The bomb. Also Range + extra mags or grip is good too.

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      No just no.  I did the testing yesterday  the aa12 can only reliably one shot ftom 6 meters or so.  The striker can one shot kill somewhat reliably out to 13 meters and is a rock solid one shot kill out to 9 meters.  This combined with the larger clip and 1/3 longer range and the amazing 3 times the damage at range of the aa12 makes the aa12 a pea shooter by comparison.  Show me you doing this with the aa12...


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    I love the AA-12, I havnt rankied it up in awhile tho cause its just such a pain lol. AA is prolly my fav gun to be honest. Yes with damage and range with ext mags its nice, but lets face it, the USAS and striker are so much easier to rank up and when you do get the USAS or striker ranked the benefits far out weigh that of the AA-12. The AA is just about as hard to rank up as the pumps. Even the benefits of ranking up the pumps far out weigh those of the AA-12.

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    Best Shotgun for me is the PM-9 lol rapid fired and steady aim = insta kill up close

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    Striker = n00b gun

    AA12 = bag of sh!te


    it's all about the USAS...

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    I been using the striker the past day or so and it might as well be a cannon

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    There is 7 shells in the model not 5.