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Trade in Value of MW3? LOL I'm done Goodbye everyone <3

I'm sick of this game, after a boycott of it for another month I decided to go back on and see if things have changed. Oh boy...


Nothing did. Everything was exactly the same, from the glitches, lag, gun problems, connection issues, etc etc, and once again, I encountered a bunch of hackers like a truck load of manure waiting to be sold for a fundraiser. I mean, who calls in Pave Lows, Strafe Runs, and Escort Airdrops that CANNOT BE DESTROYED? I shot 10 Stinger missiles, saw it took the hit, and it didn't even take a dent. The hackers couldn't even die! Seriously, screw the patch. If we do get a patch, it will be fine for 2 weeks, then everything will be screwed up again. I'm done, I'm selling this "game".


I would advise others to do the same, before the value of this so called "game" goes down to $0.99 at your local game and electronic stores. I have been a loyal Wii Call of Duty Customer and have stupidly spent more than $200 on all 4 of their titles. This is the breaking point. If BLOPS 2 does come out for the Wii, I'm pirating it. Good bye guys! My life has been better without MW3, and I intend to keep it that way




Do yourself a favour everyone, don't play MW3. You'll live longer as you no longer have to complain about it, haha. Instead, trade it in, get some $$Cash$$ and be happy! Money = Happiness! Yay! Lol.