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Ok,first lets say a few words about CoD history and PC.

CoD at the very beginning was developed for PC.Infinity Ward and Treyarch became success and famous studios because CoD and PC community.Am i wrong?If i a am right why the hell CoD does not support PC community anymore?I really can't find a simple reason about this.I mean why in MW2 & Black Ops PC users can't host a server directly form their home?Why in MW2 & MW3 PC users can't mod the game?Why you took away from us the dev console and options like fov,fps etc?Why we can't set a lan anymore?Just why?I understand that you are two diferent studios and you working separately but i want to say theese things.I could say a lot more but i think you get the message.

So,Treyarch if you want your game to be a success and everybody talks about that in five years from now please give attention to my words.


Full dedicated system server like CoD 4-WaW.


Dev console


Mod tools

Map tools

Bigger maps

At least 32 players

No deathstreaks

No akimbo

No rapid fire on any weapon

No overpowered guns like mp7 or famas--------Try to keep a balance between guns.

Win κllstreaks only from gun or melee kill.Black Ops style

Better pc optimization than Black Ops.Too many problems until now in B.O.


You can also give us a better sound and graphic quality.Theese things are the last things for me but theese things can also do the difference.

And one last thing.Why we must pay for 4 maps 15 euro?I mean if you going to release 3 different DLCs with 15 euro we must pay the game twice to have it completed.You can simple raise the game price from the beginning 10 euro and all of us be happy.Think this.How many PC copies have Black Ops sold and how many DLCs?Again i understand that is also an Activision's decision but you must find the golden mean.


We don't ask crazy or impossible things.All that we want is the old CoD formula until WaW + new ideas,not less.


If all of you (PC users) agree with this topic please keep it alive.



Sorry for my English.