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Computer frezze/crashes when playing mw3 PC

Hey, ive been having this problem the last days that when i play mw3 on my computer it totaly frezze [ all i see is the game screen and my sound is making an "bbbbbzzzzz" sound or some other game sound ) and it dosent help with Ctrl+Alt+Delete or any other way to turn of the game...and i have the same problem after i rebot my pc and try to play again...any one else having or have had the same problem?

  • Re: Computer frezze/crashes when playing mw3 PC

    Hello makeawish,


    I am sorry to hear you are having this problem.


    In order to try and figure out what may be causing this, can you please;

    Press the Windows key+R at the same time (to bring up the Run dialog)

    In the run dialog, type in "dxdiag"


    Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool comes up, please provide the computer's;

    (from the System tab)

    1. Operating System

    2. Processor

    3. Memory

    4. Page File (both used and available)

    (from the Display tab)

    5. Graphics Card Name

    6. Graphic Card Driver Date


    Please provide us this information so we can further assist you.