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What game got it right ?

What Spiderman game got it right for you ?

Which one had your the most entertained ?

Which one had the most character investment ?

Which one had the most replay value ?

Which one had the best story line ?


Support your answer with details.

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    I really liked spider man EOT because it had a great story line with lots of twists and turns in it. I also liked all of the alternate costumes in the game, and it wasnt like WOS where they just added the costumes in, they actually made them look reallistic. And I also liked the villans, im so happy they finally put him in a game!!! The fighting and swinging werent the best ever... but the game was still entertaining!

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      Do you prefer a game with linear gameplay...or you prefer an open world game ?

      I am not to fond of the linear gameplay. Their isn't much player choice involved and the mechanics feel forced. There isn't much room for freedom...sometimes, none at all. What do you think ?

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    I think Spider man Shattered dimesnions, and Edge of time had the best storyline just because they are so staright forward and intersting. Web of shadows story wasn't bad either though. Spider man shattered dimensions had more replay value because in Edge of time you can just jump to a challange from the main menu. Spider man Edge of tim was constant actioned packed along with Shattered dimesnions and web of shadows, but I think they Spider man PS1 games were good with entertainment aswell. Overall, the 21st century Spider man games are the best.

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      Thanks for replying. I didnt play Edge of Time...just Shattered Dimentions. SD was alright. It was REALLY repetitive. The story line was bland. Gameplay was too linear...it had some good moments though. I like the different gameplay styles of the didnt Spiderman levels like Spiderman 2099 and Noir. Noir was my favorite though. How you feel about The Amazing Spiderman coming out though? Are you excited, hopeful, etc ?