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    Yay I think everybody has seen it who posts here so we can go all spoiler now, lol.


    Jad you will have to be more specific as I am not getting your reference, my brain is tired from work and getting up way early.


    So favorite moments for me



    1. IM and the missle with his call to Pepper, got me right in the heart, loved when he hit outerspace and his armor dies and he just falls as he closes his eyes, very cool. Plus Hulk saving him and then waking him up with a roar = Awesome



    2. Hulk doing the ragdoll on Loki, I busted a gut and the entire theatre roared. Yes I know Hawk you didn't like it but you are the only in America who didn't, lol. "Puny God" is now my fav movie line of all time.



    3. Cap and IM working together to fix the Helicarrier engine it was all cool.



    4. Hulk chasing BW was awesome and I loved the fact that she showed she was scared to death as any sane human would be if the Hulk was chasing you.



    5. All the Hero fights were awesome and just what I wanted them to be. Loved, loved when Thor blasts IM with lighning and Jarvis says "Power now at 400%" loved the head butts as well.


    6. BW interogation on Loki, very sly and effective but it did get to her and that was great they showed that.


    7. All the teamwork moments were great like IM using Cap's shield to reflect his repulsors.



    8. Clausen's death with Fury pulling out the bloody collectiable cards I certainly cried, darn you Fury for tricking me, lol.



    I could go on and on also the last 45 minutes of the film were the greatest action spectacle we have ever seen on film, bar none!!!!!


    What about you guys what were your fav scenes?

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    Iron - Don't you remember the guy that used to post at the Tower named Thanos?  I know he was always asking for Thanos to be featured in a game but now he's in a huge movie!


    Favorte scene?  Wow that's a hard one.  How about the whole movie??  Black Widow's intro interrogation scene (glad I didn't watch that one before).  The hero vs. hero fights were great. Thor vs. Iron Man had a lot of good moments as did the Thor vs. Hulk.  The whole Helicarrier battle with IM and Cap working to repair the engines, BW getting chased by Hulk, Coulson's death ("so that's what it does") was played well but like I said before I think it would have been more powerful if the cards were actually in his pocket and Fury didn't have to lie (although that did show us a little more about Fury's character).  Hulk's "I'm always angry" moment, seeing Hawkeye shoot an arrow at Loki, totally think it's going to hit him in the face, have him catch it and then blow up, the continuous shot that flew around the city and showed each character battling, Coulson geeking out at meeting Captain America.  The list goes on and on and on.  I really need to see this movie again ASAP! (my brother was going to go with me last week but couldn't so I'll probably go with him when he gets a chance to see it)


    The end credits sequence looked really cool.  You can watch them again here-


    It's entirely CG but it looks so cool.  I love the shots of all the heroes' gear and weapons.


    I just went back and watched a lot of the tv spots and clips that were released.  I'm so glad I didn't watch them before seeing the movie.  It just made everything that much more amazing seeing it for the first time on the big screen. 

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    Favorite moment?  Now, that's a tricky one...


    I definitely liked the moment where Hulk catches Iron Man at the end.  Both of Black Widow's interrogations were pretty awesome.  The moment where Cap takes charge of the team and tells everyone what to do is pretty nice, too, especially when he tells Hulk to smash.


    But my favorite part, at least right now, is probably when Banner goes all Hulk and they all take out that first giant flying worm-thing.  Right then, it just felt like the Avengers had finally assembled for real.

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    Man this movie was A CLASSIC

    only a few gripes, butmainly a great movie

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    CBM has an interesting break down of screen time for each of the Avenger characters.

    Hawkeye: 12:44

    Thor : 25:52

    Banner/Hulk: 28:03

    Black Widow: 33:35

    Iron Man: 37:01

    Captain America: 37:42

    I'm a little surprised that Cap ended up beating up IM, Widow, and Banner in screen time since it felt like all of them had more memorable moments (though Cap's fight with Loki in Germany was pretty sweet).  I'm not surprised that Thor ended up a bit less than the others since he didn't show up till  later on and spent more time fighting than talking up the other Avengers.  And poor Clint really get shafted.  Marvel is already starting work on Avengers 2 (though Feige says it won't be made till after Cap 2, Thor 2, and IM 3) so hopefully Hawkeye will get  more love in the sequel.


    What are you guys hoping to see in Avengers 2?

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    That is kinda surprising, but I guess it makes some sense when you think that a lot of the earlier parts in the movie focused on him.  He was basically the first Avenger that SHIELD went and got to help out.  It is still a little surprising that Iron Man got beat out, though, since he was kinda the main character, more than anyone else.


    But, in Avengers 2, I'm definitely hoping for more Hawkeye, and for Hawkeye to be more 616 and less Ultimate.  He felt way too much like the Ultimate version, which is a real boring character, most of the time.  Also, now that Iron Man and Hulk kinda got their time to shine in this one, maybe Cap or Thor can kinda step into the spotlight next time.  Thor would especially make sense, since the Infinity Gauntlet has been shown in Asgard before, and you'd think it might show up in the next one.  So, you'd think they'd connect Thor into that a little.   And also, I'm hoping that they don't do a lot of character-adding.  Making the team too big would make it even tougher to get everyone their screen time.

  • 76. Re: The Avengers Movie

    I think it's a combination of Cap being one of the first recruited and that he always seemed to be around a lot, even though he may not have been the focus or having the memorable lines Tony and Bruce had or Natasha's bad ass moments.  Being the man out of time he had a lot of stuff to catch up on.


    If they can make Hawkeye like the way he is in EMH, I would be over the moon.  He's got that SHIELD agent background, but he's still very much 616 Clint in personality.  I kinda wonder if they'd go for a redemption angle on him for Avengers 2 and see him trying to make up his actions after his "villain" role through much of the first one.  Redemption being a big theme for Clint's comic history and all.  I was really hoping we'd get to see Cap and Thor bond over being warriors so hopefully they could do a bit of that in the second movie.  It's surprising we didn't really get as much from Thor as we did given Loki is the primary threat.  I also wonder if at any point they considered to use Thor as the one to grab the bomb and fly it through the portal?  It seems like he'd have a better survival chance than IM, though it wouldn't have fit as well with Cap's challenge to Tony to be a hero.

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    Yeah, he is kinda always around.  It's not like Clint, Hulk, and Thor who have long periods where they're gone.  Though it is still pretty surprising that he beat out Iron Man.


    Yeah, EMH Hawkeye is awesome.  Part of the reason why they didn't do that is that they gave Tony so many of the snarky lines and jokes.  Course, it's not like they couldn't still do that in Avengers 2.  EMH Tony is a lot like RDJ-Stark anyways, so it's not like it doesn't work to have two characters like that.  I guess what would be cool is if they can switch from Iron Man, Hulk, and Black Widow being the main characters to Cap, Thor, and Hawkeye getting more attention.  I feel like it would make sense for Thor to throw a missile like that, but they kinda built the whole movie to have Tony be the one that does that, so I don't think they planned on Thor doing that ever.  Especially since they said that Tony originally had an even bigger role, originally.

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    It'll be interesting to see how the deleted scenes will effect the total screentime since at one point Whedon had said the film centered around Cap but after editing it down he said it was more centered on Fury.  We know there was a scene in Cap's apartment that was cut and he had visited Peggy.  I really hope Thor and especially Clint get a bit more time in the spotlight, though I'm not sure I wanna get my hopes up till we get a bit more information on what got cut.


    I don't know, I think EMH Tony is a VERY toned down version of RDJ's Stark.  RDJ Tony always has a one liner ready and is a bit hyperactive in the way he'll just do joke after joke (like the scene where Loki had "performance issues").  EMH Tony is generally a lot more serious and not as confrontational since he's been put as the leader of the team.  Yeah, I remember them saying that at one point in the script writing Iron Man was an even bigger focus.  He still has a lot of the big moments but its good that the screen time is pretty well divided up, aside from Clint.

  • 79. Re: The Avengers Movie

    The screen time thing did not surprise me at all based on when the characters showed up. I was disappointed we didn't get more of Clint's back story that would have been interesting. I think it was a mistake making him a bad guy for the first half of the movie and that took away from the characters development. So in A2 give Clint some back story. It would also be nice if they give him more of a personality as he is pretty monotone in Avengers. Renner says he sees Clint as a loner, a marksmen who doesn't do things up close and personal, keeps his distance but then they could also use that and have Clint have an acerbic personality to keep emotional distance from the other Avengers. Just hope they utilize him better in A2.


    Outside of that I am not even sure what I want to see in A2 as I just want to see A1 again probably a couple more times, lol. Will have to think about it.

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