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Gun Idea:

Bring back a FAMAS type gun in the game and make it three round burst (like in MW2 because it was so popular),but add in a rapid fire attachment to the gun that makes it fully auto. You should also do this to all 3 round burst guns. It makes the game more like in real life and adds to the futuristic theme

Perk ideas:

Put all stealth perks (assassin, blind eye, ninja, hacker, etc.) in to one slot. It will make people have to choose if they want to be unseen by UAV or unseen by air-support. Plus there were some "leaked" perks and most of them sounded very bad. (such as SPY, juggernaut, pilot, technician, conciousness, focus, bladesman) You should keep most of the same perks from black ops 1 (except for last stand), but change some of the perk pro details, like flak jacket pro should make it where it takes two knifes to kill, this will prevent panic knifing more. you should also keep the pro version of hardline from MW3, and make the sniper perk scout useful to all weapons like marksman is in MW3, make warlord in to a type of profenciency ( yes i would like to bring profenciencies back just do not make them to where they effect the guns too much and unbalance the guns, make them to where they just effect certain parts like how many attachments you can have) PLEASE bring back hacker from black ops 1 also. It was a very effective perk just make it to where instead of sabotaging care packages it changes the content in the package!


    treyarch the create-a-class online feature is getting old so how a bout if you can do it maybe a wepon workshop where using compartments you unlock through challenges you can really customize things just an idea, it would be awesome


    You guys should add Lever action riles.Also make a special perk for it to make them fully auto when crouching like "The Rilfeman" the tv show.


    Ya i would really like some deeper weapon customization.


    All I want is REAL WEAPON BALANCE.


    Black Ops 1 did it really fine, except that the FAMAS and the AK-74u were somehow above the rest, and were of course overused. Everything else was quite good.


    Keep the akimbos like Black Ops, with a really huge spread.


    No semi-auto sniper should 1-shot kill. Only bolt action ones.


    Make quickscoping hard, by not giving bullets pinpoint precision until the player has fully scoped.


    No deathstreaks, and no lethal pointstreaks for using the Support Strike Package.