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PS3 MW3 DLC collection 1

I have PS3. I downloaded and installed the DLC collection 1 for the Multiplayer maps off the PS3 store.  I played team deathmatch multiplayer at least 20 times and never saw any of the new maps come up in the rotation. Where are the maps? What am I missing here?

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    The new maps are weighted more than the maps that came with the game. However, there are more classic maps than there are DLC maps, so they may still be more common. However, you may want to check that your DLC is enabled. At the bottom of your screen you should see something that says "DLC Disable." (This means that the DLC is enabled)


    If you see "DLC Enable" then you would need to press Select one time to turn the DLC searching back on.


    If you would like to ONLY play the DLC maps, you can use the Collection 1 playlist to do so.

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    the playlist for the collection has been removed after update 1.13. the only thing you can do now is call support or pay an extra $50 or elite. Please call support and let them know!

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      When a new ELITE Premium drop is released, the Collect playlist is changed to the "ELITE Playlist."


      You can only use the ELITE Playlist if you are an ELITE premium subscriber, as this playlist uses DLC that is only available to those who have ELITE premium.


      The Collection 1 DLC is then placed into the normal playlists so it is still accessible.


      We apologize for the confusion.

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    You can try and press the select button when your in your own party. And check the bottom where you will see it change either to Original Maps or Original Maps and DLC. Hope it Helps