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In what way does quickscoping effect you, and why?


Many complain that they don't want quickscoping, it's so annoying, I hate it, blah blah blah. How does it effect you? Does it effect you positively or negatively? Reason why it effects you in any way? Do you just not bother with quickscoping and ignore it?

Personally it can get extremely annoying and repetitive, many people quickscope now days and it went a little overboard, it stopped in Black Ops, which is the reason SO many quickscope in Modern Warfare 3. I do not like quickscoping in any way shape or form, I try to ignore it but quickscopers kill me so much, I'll be following a sniper and all of the sudden he'll turn around and POP dead, snipers shouldn't be that way, they are long range scoped weapons, and should be used like they're supposed to be used. Sitting in a spot, zoomed in, holding your breath, taking them shots. Not just spraying with Barret or drop shotting trying to quickscope people.


There are several ways to cure quickscoping hate, some may be hard some are simple. I have never liked quickscoping, and never thought it'd get to the point where people ACTUALLY complain and rant about it, so I want to know WHY  it effects so many people, because it makes no sense for people who post 'I don't like it.' and nothing else :/


Does quickscoping effect you? Bad? Good? Why?