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a method of banning,  ( just an idea )



Well some of us know this, hackers have made a code to make a wii unnable to online. ( im not gonna name it due to peeps that want it )


Maybe nintendo and activision can works with this... ban those hackers with this.

Is this a good idea?

I know they first need the okay sign from nintendo to do it, but this might work.


What do you think?



Ty for reading,


Ai SilenT

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    well there is also unban codes too silent soo that wouldnt work. and IF anyone cared about the wii all they would have to do is look at the leaderboards

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    Actually I was thinking of a way, I read in a article that nintendo now had the ability to brick you your ds so maybe if there is some technology in the Wii that can make this possible that can work.

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    You can easily unban yourself

    Don't forget the fact that you can undo a console ban more easily than a profile ban(on the HD consoles, i mean, on the wii....both are easy ).

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    All talk.

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    The game is F^cked already along with the Wii its self, so I say Screw Nintendo & Activision like they have us the consumer (me & you) and Hack your system so that at least when you try to play a game it would at least even out the odds against the HACKERS. Last night I was on and there was a player running around with UAV, and a 50 cal. sniper rifle w/ rapid fire. WTF.  The game is totally screwed.  watch when you see a player in a game that says UNNAMEDPLAYER he is running the invisable hack his name shows up right in the lobby but once it is activated as the game starts his name changes to UNNAMEDPLAYER .

    I quit COD   and any thing the Wii puts out. I give my system to my Nephew. and told him to do what he wanted to do with it. I suggested using it for target practice. and the 4 COD disk for skeet Shooting. or set the disk up and take my 308 and see if I can shoot thru the 1'' hole at 100yds. Well at least it would be more fun then Playing the F^ching screwed up game and system that is broke & Beyond fixable...

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      WOW!!!! Rage much? Ever heard of anger mangement?


      BTW, hacking to protect yourself from hackers is flawed logic. That is like drinking a pint of tainted blood to protect yourself from aids. Hopefully you did give your Wii to your nephew. I personally thank you for removing yourself from the wii community before you injured yourself or someone else in a COD rage. Also you might think about laying off of the steroids, it might be as simple as roid-rage that is causing your disorder (I heard that, that stuff shrinks your boy parts).

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    If I understand things corrrectly, I think there is a way that some offenders could be banned with a bit of effort. First, two concepts must be considered:


    1. The profile is stored in the wii, not on the server (this is why Activision says they cannot ban like on PS3/xBox)

    2. The leaderboards are stored on the server (this must be true, because when you check the leaderboards, it downloads to update).


    If these two things are true, then a hacked profile stored in a wii must connect to that server-maintained leaderboard system when it goes into online multiplayer (to keep adding to stats as the user plays). Still with me?...


    If all of this is true, then it should be possible for dev's to go through the leaderboards and identify some of the people who are obviously hacking/ modding/ boosting based on unreal scores, time played, arrows and wii-motes in profile names, etc... and flag those leaderboard profiles.


    Now, this part would actually take some effort from the dev's (good luck), but it seems feasible they should be able to design some method where a flagged leaderboard entry could not be connected with the hacked profile based inside the wii which is logging onto multiplayer and trying to get back into the server to keep adding to stats. This would basically create a roadblock for online play for those hacked profiles. The hacker would have to start a new profile to get online and connect to the server/ leaderboard system.


    This all may sound complicated, but it is really quite a simple concept. If the hacked profile has to connect to the leaderboard, and they can tell who's not legit on the leaderboard, then there must be a way to stop that connection.


    I admit that it wouldn't be a 100% way to stop the hackers, but it would be a start, and it would send a message. Sadly, I think that if I have thought of this, then the dev's certainly have and do not care to expend the effort.

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      Thank you for the well thought out post. I think that the devs tried something like this back in the WaW days. I remember that the leaderboards were down for like 3 months. It might have simply been about all the names with bathroom language in them. Personally I think you have a great idea, I suspect that the reason that something like this hasn't taken place is that Nintendo won't allow it. That is just my opinion and I have no facts to back it up.

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    They can see money in the next COD. The only reason they patch games is keep people playing them so they don't move onto another game and never give actvision their money again. But they have lost a massive majority of hardcore players this game, the only people left are the hackers who want to hack ANOTHER GAME.