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  • 50. Re: Worst map?

    Worst maps ? I guess are the ones that you don't do well on ... there will always be a map that someone does not like as it does not suit their prefered style of game play.


    It's easy to complain maybe make some suggestions for new maps ?


    eg ...

    High rise building with say 4-5 floors, heaps of corners, stairs and elevators etc .... for in close game play ?


    and / or


    Open mountain views and flat river beds for those that likes to sniper ( the proper way) some real big maps would be fun.


    Different challenges = different maps so make a suggestion ? 

  • 51. Re: Worst map?

    I like fallen. I don't like mission,bootleg, and arkaden. I don't care much for seatown but I can deal with it. But Seatown might be one of the easiest maps for Survival.

  • 52. Re: Worst map?

    Hate Seatown personally, always beaten to hell on it. Outpost is odd, no flow or logic to it at all, and Downturn is rubbish as you cannot distinguish players against the background. Favourites are Dome and Hardhat, complete insanity every time, great fun.

  • 53. Re: Worst map?

    Carbon is baws

  • 54. Re: Worst map?

    I only play SnD really, so my crap maps are probably different than everyone else's.\


    Bootleg - Offense can get to B before the defense and it's ridiculous how much of an advantage they have once they plant it there.


    Dome - You start off spawn trapped on Offense. We use the 3 Smoke 3 Flash method to get to A, but still, we shouldn't have to resort to using all of our secondary just to get out of our spawn.


    Mission - I just suck at this one. Haha. I don't vote against it. Just can't get away from the shotguns.

  • 55. Re: Worst map?

    Downturn is by far the worst...


    Out of the new DLC maps its got to be Liberation its definately contending for the worst map title..

  • 56. Re: Worst map?

    1) Downturn

    2) Interchange

    3) Outpost.






  • 57. Re: Worst map?

    Wanna know the worst maps, huh? Dome and Hardhat. I only play them in FFA every other game to get spawn trapped from one camper to the next. I've played these maps and had fun and won them, but it's just bull-**** sometimes.

  • 58. Re: Worst map?

    The majority of the maps are all the worst

  • 59. Re: Worst map?

    I guess it's not that I really hate any of the maps... I more or less just tolerate them. I guess the only one I kinda have a problem with is Sanctuary. And even then, it's not something I refuse to play. It just comes up and I kinda roll my eyes.


    I still prefer my MW2 maps: Skidrow,  Afghan, Favela, Highrise, Karachi, Scrapyard, etc.

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