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so what if they had a zombie map that was in the empire state building and that you can go to like 8 of the floors and at the top on the rooftop there is a teleporter that will take you to the statue of liberty now i think that would be one of the best maps ever one more thing is that you should be able to go to the subway station that would be cool right and the cool new gun would be a liquid nitrogen gun like the one from five but it be a lot biger it look like the flamethrower from nacht der untoten from cod 5. the boss would be a big fat guy that is a hotdog vendor.       well thats it what do you think!!!!!!! one more thing the pack a punch would be at the statue of libertys torch




COMMENT ON THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



things you should know, for this map it will take like 30 seconds to get to the top of the empire state building because this is a game not real life so, yes its that fast.