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On the Runners who call themselves Gunners!


This is not a complaint! But a appreciation.


I find the running class players to fall under the following for me: Funny, Sad and or Moronic. Its hard to tell.


Funny: Those who run right by you in plain sight!


Sad: The ones who try to dominate a fight while my M60s 300 rounds are roaring loud.


Moronic: The revenge player who runs back to the same location they died a moment ago.


A final word to you: Run like there is no tomorrow,  run like a zombies with akimbo's raised high others, or shooting brazingly with a shotgun.


NOTE: I do not mean to insult anyone who Runs and knows how to gun, just a stab at those who do it incorrectly, if you find what I wrote offensive than you are playing without much thought to your game and your teams win!


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