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    I"m still dissapointed Cap never said "Avengers Assemble".

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    I would mostly expect it'd be Cap and maybe Thor that get a little more in the deleted scenes.  I guess it's possible that Clint had some more scenes, since the screentime differential is so big, but it's also tough to see what else they might've had with Clint, since he's only really around in the second half, which is mostly taken up by the huge fight scene.


    Yeah, I would agree that he's definitely toned down from RDJ-Stark, though that's especially true more recently.  I feel like he started out more like RDJ and got more serious over time, maybe partly to give Clint some space for one-liners.  Which is why it might be tough for Clint to get a lot of awesome lines if they wanna give most of 'em to Tony.

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    As far as Cap saying "Avengers Assemble" they might have tried it out and if it sounded to corny they didn't use it. Some things are better left in the comics, lol.

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    ^ Kevin Feige explains why they didn’t use that line. 

    I could see some form of it being used in a sequel.  At this point (at least right now before the next solo movies……not sure where everyone will end up at the end of those) all the team members are separated so saying something to the effect of “Avengers, Assemble!” to get everyone back together would make sense there.

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    I'm not too disappointed about the lack of "Avengers Assemble", I wasn't even thinking about it during the movie.  There really wasn't a proper time to fit it in since the Avengers Initiative got cancelled and they only truly became the Avengers at the end when they all stopped fighting each other to fight Loki and his army.  I'm sure we'll get it in the sequel.


    @Iron - Haha, I'd say it was more like he was a villain for 70% of the movie.  I'm curious as to whether Renner will even be back for an Avengers 2.  I'm assuming he has a six picture deal like most of the other actors, but if the new Bourne does really well I wonder if he'd try getting out of it like the Terrence Howard and Ed Norton situations (though I'm not sure the details of their contracts).since he'd have to do a lot of prep for what may not be a lot of screen time.  I could see Hawkeye being a big part of Captain America 2 though since Clint and Cap have always had a fun, layered relationship in the comics and Cap could use some new friends with everyone he knew is now dead or very old.  It'd probably be easier to establish Clint that way where it won't be as crowded and show off his sarcastic humor.


    @Rogue - I don't think Tony in EMH got more serious to give space to Clint, I think it's just the way they write his character to be a better teammate and leader.  Tony still gets plenty of funny lines in EMH, but he's more of a comic/movie hybrid rather than a straight up copy of RDJ.  Though Iron is probably better suited to get into that.

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    Yeah, I didn't really think it would make sense for them to say "Avengers Assemble" in the movie, since they weren't much of a team until the end.  They'll probably use it in the second one as they come back together, though, since they'll be established as a team.  Course, I wonder what'll happen between now and Avengers 2, in terms of how much communication the team might have with each other during this time.  It's not like they got an Avengers Mansion that they all hang out at or anything in the movies.


    Tony might not have been made more serious just to give space to Clint, but the timing of him becoming more serious as Clint joins the team probably wasn't a complete accident, either.  They might've figured they needed more humor if Tony was gonna be a little more serious, so it made sense for Clint to join the team then.  Anyways, I think my main point was just that it's way tougher for Clint to get funny lines in the movies, with RDJ-Stark having the monopoly on those kinda lines almost.  It's not as much of an issue in EMH.

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    Hmm well I prefer RDJ to EMH Tony, but that is just me. It is obvious with EMH Tony they are trying to imitate RDJ Tony with the voice, inflection and sometimes funny banter. RDJ took the character of Tony Stark and ran with it and yes at times he is too snarky, yet he nails the arrogance and I like Tony with sense of humor. In the comic Tony is always very serious and rarely jokes so RDJ has breathed some real life into Tony. RDJ balances the arrogance and narcisism with those touches of humility, self sacrifice and brilliance that make Tony Stark very complicated and interesting. In the Avengers movie RDJ was a nice foil for the very earnest Steve Rogers and I liked the two of them arguing and I hope in Avengers 2 they show their friendship growing since they do become great friends. I really loved when they worked together on the Helicarrier that was a very awesome and exciting moment and also when IM says call it Cap, that was sweet!!!!!


    As far as EMH Tony I think he suffers from bad writing. They are trying to imitate RDJ but without the humility aspect of it and some of the writing in season one for Tony was so slanted to make him look like a jerk that I hated it. This year Tony is getting better treatment. I almost wish they would go wtih a more earnest Tony on EMH since there is only one RDJ. Still like Avengers EMH, not as much as you Hawk, I do like it although this year has seemed pretty tame compared to last year.

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    @Rogue - They did tease at the end that the new tower that Tony built in New York would be the Avengers Tower, though given that Fury said everyone went their own ways after the end I doubt we'll see them use it as a headquarters till Avengers 2.


    @Iron - So,,,what you're saying is you like RDJ more than Tony.

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    I'm a fan of RDJ-Stark, actually, too.  He's definitely different from the usual Tony from the comics, though I don't know as much about that as Iron does.  But RDJ has kinda created his own version of Tony that's just plain entertaining.  I mean, I feel like RDJ could do a scene where he talks about paint, and it'd be plenty entertaining.


    @Hawk: Yeah, I noticed that.  It makes sense that they could convert Stark Tower to Avengers Tower eventually.  I wonder if Tony's gonna be working on that between Avengers 1 and 2 then...

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    Hawkeye wrote:


    It'll be interesting to see how the deleted scenes will effect the total screentime since at one point Whedon had said the film centered around Cap but after editing it down he said it was more centered on Fury.  We know there was a scene in Cap's apartment that was cut and he had visited Peggy.  I really hope Thor and especially Clint get a bit more time in the spotlight, though I'm not sure I wanna get my hopes up till we get a bit more information on what got cut.

    I think the scene where Cap visits Peggy was just written, but not actually shot (at least that's the feeling I get from how Joss Whedon described it)  I am interested to see what ended up on the cutting room floor.


    So it sounds like RDJ's agent cut a pretty good deal.  Reports are saying he's likely to make 50 million or more from The Avengers because he gets a percentage of the profits.  I'm sure he's making a whole heckuva lot more than all his costars (which I think is a bit unfair since it's a team movie but on the other hand without the success of Iron Man there probably wouldn't be an Avengers movie and RDJ is a pretty big box office draw these days, especially in his now signature role of Tony Stark/Iron Man)  It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the other stars want to renegotiate their contracts to include something similar if they don't already have something like that in it.


    I know it's a long time (and 4 or 5 solo movies inbewteen) until the inevitable sequel is released, but who do you think should direct it?  There's an option in Joss Whedon's contract to return but he's not sure if he wants to.  Based on how well TA turned out I'd like him to return but I can see why it would be tough to make the sequel.  First, you have to consider where the story will be by that time.  There's these other solo movies that will affect the characters and the story line and Whedon may or may not have a hand in developing all that.  It was kind of like that with this movie where he was just kind of given the pieces and a basic framework of where Marvel wanted things to go and he did a great job, but who knows if he would want more freedom in structuring everything.  He did mention that his idea for a sequel would be to take things smaller and more emotional and I'm not so sure Marvel wouldn't want to try and go bigger (which happens to most sequels anyway....and there's a certain villain that was introduced that kind of requires "BIG" )  The other thing to consider is that the expectations for a sequel would be extremely high (which will make it difficult for ANY director!).  Jon Favreau ran into that problem with IM2.  I don't know, it's probably WAY too early for us to be worrying about this at all but with the shared cinematic universe Marvel has started they have to have a plan in place quite a ways in advance.  Hopefully they continue to give us great stuff!

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