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Beachhead/Elite reverting to its old ways


So remember the time where there was like 5 clan ops in one week? It almost made me forgive the fact that we spent months and months waiting for the first clan op,it almost made me forget the clan ops we did finally ge,t and how after completing, them they pulled the rug from under us and gave us no points, it almost made me forget that then we'd have to wait another 2 weeks to get another op after that, it almost made me forget the clan op I was aloud to register my clan for that was for an entirely different console, that we couldn't play on. But here we are again. After playing the horrible hard core tdm mode for 3 hours last Friday night, we obtained a gold according to Elite, only to have the rug pulled from us , and then got slapped with silver rewards. We're back to the day of completing a clan op, and not seeing the points for it immediately again like from yesterdays that hasn't updated.  When I think of beachheads staff, I envision the scene where Will Smith walks in on the zombies in "I am Legend" where they're all huddled up mindlessly bouncing and swaying.   The only thing that shocks me is that I'm still shocked over these occurrences.