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DoG Armada is recruiting!!

Disciples of Gaming has over 1200 active members in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Each Branch is a subgroup of Disciples of Gaming and an ever growing family of players. Friendships and great gaming experiences can be found in each branch.

i am in DoG armada and we are recruiting new members who are serious about being active in a clan. we are lvl 20 on elite and try to do every clan op. we also have inner clan matches and custom game nights every week. we do have a code of conduct and rules you must agree to obey and we also have a member ranking system so you can rank you within the clan.

if you are wanting to join a serious clan add me as a friend or send me a message on here or on xbl my GT is killerkw17.

remember we are a huge gaming community who is trying to bring respect back to gamers and gaming, there is no trash talking or drama within our clan..go check outwww.disciplesofgaming.com