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Idea for the Elite Clan page

I think that it would be nice if we were able to promote people to co-leaders or something to that effect.  The larger the clans get the harder it is to maintain to keep everyone up to date, send invites, post, organize things like that.  If we were able to promote some people to co-leaders, I think it would make it a little easier.

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    I like that idea, it would be nice

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      that idea would be a good one, however reading a previous thread the idea of actually assigning roles (and positions) would be a good one too, shame they dont actualy listen oftern, me would love this idea:


      the option to have co-leaders (with restricted options like not being able to premote to co-leader etc)

      the option to declare ranks manually (with the option of the system offering surgestions based on the members game history [K/D etc])

      option to have an actual private area in the clan where you can have forums (private to clan only) meeting rooms etc...

      in the actual game a way to have clan training (simmular to MGO) - this would be where the leaders would assign members who would be good to train new recruits etc in combat training as well as having the option to arrange a clan only TDM or Free for all without having to create a  game and lock it etc...

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    This is a pretty good idea. What we can do is have this suggestion forwarded to the appropriate parties for consideration. Thanks for leaving feedback.