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*DISCUSSION* Paris Catacombs Map


As we all know, there was a Paris map in mw3 where you ran through the catacombs.


  In reality, the catacombs are a very dark place to be, and not only in absence of light.  There are millions of bones down there and rumored zombies running around.  There was one such video where a pair of tourists were walking there.  As the video went on, they gradually increased speed to an all out sprint, then the camera was dropped and proceeded to record for another 40 minutes till it ran out of tape.  The tourists were never found. 


This map would be an awesome installment to the zombie series.  The room you would have would be gigantic, because there are miles of unexplored tunnels of the catacombs.


  There is also a nazi outpost where nazis hid in rooms down there.  There is also a myth about a man who could run through walls and suddenly got trapped in one.  There is also a shrine set up exactly like the bone shrine on shangri-la!!!  What am I getting at, you say?  This map would probably have the most epic Easter egg everrrr!!!


In some parts of the map there would be no light, so you would have to buy a flashlight from an attachments vendor.  Some of the tunnels are underground so you would have to buy a scuba mask.  Maybe they could make it where you could drill through walls?!  This would probably the most terrifying, yet fun map for zombies.  What do you think?