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Things that should be fixed.

1. Spawn points. It seems like every time you kill someone they spawn right behind, next, or infront of you.    

2. The predator missle. For some reason when players spawn and dont have blind eye they dont show up red. And when they just spawn and and you hit them all you get is a hit marker with a predator missle.

3. Valistic vest. I dont know why but the vest for some reason they just wont let you pick them up.

4. Rocket launchers. When you're ADS you shoot a rocket and you die, the rocket some how dissapears or shoots straight up in the air.

  • Re: Things that should be fixed.

    Everything bar the predator missile i agree with; the hitmarker is due to folks spawning having timed invincibility to explosives, which it should be.


    I know I wouldn't be too happy if I spawned and got done off of a predator missile everytime, keeps at least one part of the game fair.