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BO2: My Wants and ideas

Elite 2.0

- Fully built into the game, I don't want to keep loading the Elite application everytime I want to view my combat record and gun stats.

- Groups are pointless with out any sort of communication. How about knowing whether people are online or not in your Group. (put a group list where it displays the friends and recent player list)

- I want the DLC to be dropped every three months, not every month, it builds up excitement and gives a whole new experience as a package.

Multiplayer -

- More small maps! Nuke Town and Firing Range was everyone ones favourite in BO and guess what? they were the only two small maps in the game. 5 small, 5 medium and 5 larger maps. DLC maps to contain a verity of sizes not just all medium.

- Total Customization. Customize my: Facepaint, Camo, appearance, more layers for player card and more space for my clan, I can barely make any good words with only 4 letters/numbers.

- NO QUICK SCOPING AT ALL. Its so unrealistic, just leave it in MW3 there's no need for it in BO2.

- More playing COD less intermission. I want the option for extended game time, especially in Search and Destroy. It ends to quick. How about 8 rounds max but if your team is losing badly lets say the enemy team wins 4 rounds in a row, the game ends as its unfair for the losing team to go through 8 torture rounds of humiliation. Proper team match making should avoid that problem though.

Wager matches. Bring them back! Some much fun but tension at the same time. although I didn't fell the COD point system worked very well for it. You gained enough from the MP. Wager matches to have its own ranking system? You rank up by gaining COD points only? Sniping only lobby? Team vs Team matches?

- New game mode. What about 4 teams intead of 2. Each team is agianst each other and they all battle to be the best team. 4 vs 12 for everyone.

- I want to play with players of my skill level. Before joining a game you get the option to play with players the same skill level as you. It ranges from 0-5 prestiges, 6-10 prestiges and 11-15 prestiges. i.e I'm 13th so I will be put in lobbys of players from 11-15 prestigers.

- Changing killsteaks. In the MP there's no option to change my kill steak loadout. What if I'm playing really good but my kill steak loadout is only on low killstreaks.

- Theatre. Record commentaries using your mic and upload (IN HD for premium elite members only) to your Youtube channel? + premium members get the official COD editing software.(all editing is done on the console) + when you make your own intro you get the option for it to be automatically applied to each video you upload + what about theatre for Zombies??? Zombie montages...


As I think of more I will post here. Your thoughts about these ideas?


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    I like the idea of no quick-scoping. That's what we want in Black Ops 2, balanced but relaistic gameplay.

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    Why start a new thread this already exists courtesy of v3lkro?

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    • Not fussed about it. It would be nice to integrate, but its not a big deal for me. I just want my Combat Record back, best record keeping in any CoD o date.


    • Small Maps would be fun, I was never crazy about Nuketown but Firing Range was amazing. I think they just kept the action going and quick matches. I am interested to see how the FaceOff idea works on MW3, and if its a fun mode maybe carry it over to BlOps, where Treyarch will do it right.
    • Customization galore, yes indeedy. No need to make Clan Tags longer, I don't need your ridiculously long clan name filling up my screen when I kill you or vice versa.
    • I agree, no need for Quickscoping. Snipers are point and shoot as it is, no need to make it more so.
    • I'd like to see the intermission time between games shortened myself, but not sure matches need to be made longer. 10 minutes is plenty for most game modes. If you want longer matches, Private lobbies.
    • I wouldn't mind Wager matches. I just don't want the same CoD Points system where you can just buy your weapons and perks without earning them, But I wouldn't mind them in the game in some manner for Wagers and such.
    • 4 teams would be interesting, but it would depend on how the maps are laid out for it. Could be a disaster if done wrong.
    • You say "My Skill Level" but remember Prestiging doesn't mean higher skill, just means more time in the game. I don't want any kind of leveling like this, because variety is the spice of life. You play with various players and try to make your team better.
    • Not sure what you mean by Changing Killstreaks. Going to assume that you mean being able to assign different Kill Streaks to different classes similar to MW3, and I am with you on that one.
    • Theater is fine how it is. I would like to see improved uploading, but I don't think its their responsibility to provided editing and recording tools. I don't think many people want to watch Zombies, so not necessarily a need for theater in there. If you must, use a capture card.
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      - Elite - Just found it really annoying in MW3 where you had to keep loading the Elite application just to view the combat record.

      - Small Maps - glad you agree. More faced paced the better. 

      - Customization - Just one more character, not many good words with only 4.

      - Intermission - You don't rank up in private lobbies so there's no point in that + why don't you play Express in BO?. I just feel that sometimes yr put in a really good games but it ends to quick. But as I said I won't it to be an option so you don't need to worry, you play standard, I'll play extended.

      - Wager Matches- You do earn them, by leveling up.  I want the COD point system in wager matches but just on its own. The only way to rank up in wager matches is to gain COD points (what can't be used in MP). Basically wager matches to have its own ranking system.

      -  4 teams Modes - only big maps.

      - Skill level - It usually does, its very rare to see a crappy 15th prestige in a game. I just hate it especially in Search and Destroy where the last guy alive is someone on prestige 1 and there so crap they just camp in a corner for ages until someone kills them.

      - Kill streaks, yes that is what I mean, glad you agree.

      - Theatre - I guess, just thinking of those guys who can't afford a HDPVR.