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    I don't think so i have a slimline and can go on MW3 and get lag killed alot, but if i put in black ops or MW2 i can get kills no worries and bugger all lag. So unless their is some incompatability between MW3 software and the Slimline. I suppose we will see if they ever do the matchmaking patch they been blabbing on about for the last month. And if that is the case then i hope we don't have the same issue with Black Ops 2 new software, but i doubt it as it's based on Treyarchs Black Ops  software not Infinty Awards useless team of knitwits.

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    This was a well made explanation on the bulls%$* that is call of duty at the moment.great game poor community acnowlagement that theres even an issue!

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    THis is what I have been seeing a lot of as of late. I made a post about it yesterday not know that this wonderful topic was here. I sure wish they would do someting about it or I will have to stop playing, it is unplayable as of Sunday and has been since yesterday. I hope toinight thigs are better but I am beging to lose faith.

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    Hopefully the reason things are so bad right now is because theyre testing things on their end. Also lets all pray this type of lag comp isnt implimented into any other cod again ever haha

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    Why can't they apply some sort of lag compensation limiter code that limits the # of times a player can get host and/or lagged in a row (or per hour or per day... whatever the appropriate limit is).


    Perhaps a sliding scale?


    Game 1 = if lagged, lag 100%

    Game 2 = if lagged, lag 75%

    3 = 50%

    4 = 25%

    5 = zero lag,


    I hope they go this route regardless, because playing one laggey game is enough, but to have it for hours on end is insufferable.


    I'd be willing to take the occassionally laggy game if I knew that the next ones would be progressively better (and/or in a few games I would be unfettered of lag)

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    Ok, next question, Is the lag due to the the software outstripping the hardware?  Or in other words, is it time for an xbox 720, or whatever the next gen will be?  I am just looking for reasons why this game does not work...is there too much going on for the current hardware to track?

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    actually getting out of hand totally now.

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    opdrams19 wrote:


    Ok, next question, Is the lag due to the the software outstripping the hardware?  Or in other words, is it time for an xbox 720, or whatever the next gen will be?  I am just looking for reasons why this game does not work...is there too much going on for the current hardware to track?




          I"ve stated many times that I believe this to be at least part of the isse, but people usually respond that its nonsense.


          But if you dont think its the case, just try some local split screen. Black ops lagged in local split screen and MW3 lags for me in ocal split screen. If the console lags for hosting 2 people then surely hostiong 8-12 player games is sure to be pushing things.



         peopel say that the consoles are " ahead of their time" and how th ps3 is supposed to be good for several years yet. But c'mon, what electronic device has anyone bought that isnt oudated after a year ... mucj less 8 or 10.    The instant a product comes out, software developers start figuring out how to make use of every bit of hardware resources available to wow everyone with their product.

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    The game runs at 600p;


    1024x600: 614 400 pixels.


    Compare that to 720p:
    1280x720: 921 600 pixels.


    600p contains exactly two thirds of the information of 720p.


    Compare that again to full HD 1080p which is the standard for TVs nowadays:
    1920x1080: 2 073 600 pixels.


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 only runs a resolution with less information than one third of full HD.


    Full HD: 90 pixels


    Call of Duty: 90 pixels on a full HD screen when ran at native resolution of 600p:




    That isn't even the main problem.Colors and textures are also sub-optimal.

    There is no way the textures used ingame are high resolution 32 bit color.


    But that is not the devs' fault, but the consoles' hardware limitations.

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    I had to rage shut down the game and take a break right now because I'm a FULL SECOND behind what the enemy sees.

    I stand behind cover.
    Three enemies enter my sight.
    I blaze away.
    I die instantly, never having fired a single shot.

    On the killcam, the guy who singlehandedly took me down SPRINTED, AIMED DOWN THE SIGHTS WITH ASSASSIN PRO and KILLED ME with 5 rounds fired.


    My reaction time is not slow.
    I run the game at 720p to minimize input lag on my TV if any, and run the game in the TV's Game Mode.
    Yet people have time to STOP sprinting (0.4 seconds)
    AIM down the sights (0.3 seconds)
    Fire 5 rounds (0.35 seconds)

    BEFORE I have the time to even get a single shot fired on the host.

    I only win a firefight when I shoot someone in the back, catch them completely off guard.
    It's so annoying.

    Three days ago, I started using the MSR and got a 57% accuracy with it and an instant 1.5 KD.


    Today I started using the L118A, and I can't get a 20% accuracy and can't get a 1.0 KD ratio.
    Then I went back to my Mk14, and can't get a 1.0 KD ratio with that either.


    And that is it.

    I can't accept playing a game where I have good connection and SUFFER UNBEARABLE LAG because of it.

    HOW can the delay be that great, and HOW can it be in someone's favor??!?!

    I run quickdraw SPECIFICALLY becaues it gives me a great advantage against SPECIFICALLY assassins in face to face encounters -- yet all day today they aim faster and one hit kill me, the host often not even accepting that I fired a single shot.

    In theater mode, admittedly -- they often hit me twice -- but NEVER thrice unless they hip-fire from miles away.

    The problem was greatest with the L118A.
    I use quickdraw, giving me a ADS time of 0.20 seconds.
    I should aim faster than any AR-user who's not using quickdraw, and just as fast as any SMG-user without quickdraw.