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PS3 16-20 prestiges not until mid June, why?


PC already have it, XBox 15th May, PS3 mid June according to Infinity Ward's Twitter page.

I'm sure they will say it has something to do with PSN not authorising release until then,but they have known about it for a couple of months so that is BS.

Does it help sales in some way, cos i don't think it does. So many players are now at P15/80 just waiting for the extra prestiges to drop, yet they delay it. I was at P10/80 and had collected all but 4 golden guns when they announced an extra 5/10 prestiges, i have now been tredding water and not collecting numerous golden guns just using the same guns only to find out I have to wait another month.

It should be sorted sooner, don't you think?

Don't bother posting if you aren't P15 because you really don't have a valid opinion for this topic.