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Ballistic Vest Discussion.

So who else thinks ballistic vest are overpowered? On Hardcore i expect a 1-2 shot kill but Ballistic vest ruins it. And a Barrotte .50cal cant get a 1 shot kill headshot? Its ballistic VEST not ballistic FULLBODY ARMOR. So i think ballistic vest shouldnt protect from headshots. Anyone else agree?



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    The effects of the vest are the following:

    The vest adds a "shield" with 50 health on top of your health. You fully regenerate health upon picking up the vest even in hardcore.
    You can pick up any number of vests from different stacks of vests, each overriding the previous.


    In softcore, the shield protects against 50 damage before it "breaks".

    However, you cannot take damage as long as the "shield" is there.

    If you get hit by a CM901 (as unlikely as that may sound), you would normally take 49 damage.

    In this case, your vest "shield" takes 49 damage, and 1 point of the vest's health remains.

    If you are hit by the CM901 again, the vest "shield" breaks.

    BUT you won't take damage, because the vest, even at 1 point left, will protect against up to 100 damage, which is why I call it a "shield".
    That means that you can take one hit from an ACR (45 damage), then survive a headshot from a barret, then survive one more hit from the ACR.
    This shield does not regenerate.


    In hardcore, the "shield" still has 50 health just like in core.

    Consider the fact that you only have 30 health in hardcore, and that no assault rifle but the Mk14 deals over 50 damage.

    That means assault rifles need three hits to kill a vest-user as compared to the one hit they'd need on a non-vest user.

    In hardcore, there is one more benefit:
    The vest protects you against unlimited damage for as long as the vest has health left.

    IF you are shot once by an CM901 in hardcore, your vest taking 49 damage, you WILL survive a predator striking the ground straight between your legs.


    Vests are completely broken in hardcore.

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    In hardcore there are some shenanigans but they are perfectly fine in Core.

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    Whaaa!!! They made an ksr that gives people protection in HC and it ruins the game for me! FiX it NoWZ!!11

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      There's simple protection and there's more than doubling your health while allowing you to survive anything up to and including the apocalypse.  For a 5-pointstreak.

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        A hardcore ballistic vest user survives a predator hit or an AC130 main cannon hit, where a hit is when it hits 1 foot away from them.

        A direct hit may actually kill them if the projectile deals damage in addition to the explosion.

        THAT is scary.


        In any case, I expect that my team ALWAYS have ballistic vests on the ground.


        Also, ballistic vests + tactical insertions = Win.

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      And this is why he cannot be taken seriously. All these self righteous douchebags who attack simple request threads. Do you think it makes you special or something?


      Oh, bow down to TrialStarDipshit, he is fine with the game as it is.



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        To enlighten the sorry masses such as yourself with my great wisdom about life and the importance of this game being nothing more than a means to waste time.


        Some people will just cry about everyting little thing they do not like because it forces them to have to rethink how they want to play. Heaven forbid anyone ever have to change how they play the game. No way that should ever happen. Instead the developers should make it where the game plays the way the player thinks it should instead...


        Hint: If you didnt make the game, you dont get to decide the rules on how it should work or how things should work in the game.

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          Find something better to do, loser. These forums are about pointing out bugs, hacks, glitches... and on top of that, believe it or not.. COMMUNITY REQUESTS + SUGGESTIONS!


          Isnt' that CRAZY? What maniac would have thought of that?!

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            What was pointed out is not a bug or hack or glitch in how they work, stop assuming you know how the developers designed or wanted things in this game to work.


            Some of the so called requests that this community makes is just down right stupid and any company that would do them would be foolish. This community seldom if ever knows what is right for the game and instead just whines about what each different person thinks would be fair or good for the game, which does not make it a fact or a needed change or addition to the game as some always assume.


            I think the greatest problem in this series is the fact that the developers of both iw and 3arc have tried to listen too much to the community at times and strayed to far from what was the core mechanics of how the game played just to try and keep too many happy.


            People only whine about things when it forces them to have to change how they wish to play. Just like the whine about the BV and how it works in hardcore. Anyone that has played this game from day one would know it does that and always has. It is the reason so many teams will run that ksr in hardcore to frustrate all the little kiddies that need their gun to kill in less ammo because they suck at aiming for anything longer than 1.3 seconds.

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              Lots of words and little content, congrats.


              I also made sure to mention SUGGESTIONS and REQUESTS. You managed a whole two paragraphs by ignoring that. And then a rant about them listening to the community [lolwut?].


              Lets look at BO, what ended up happening from community requests?

              -Nuketown 247

              -Famas/74u "nerfs"

              -Larger maps in DLC


              Wow, those really broke the game!


              I guess FMG akimbo is just changing the way we play, right? By forcing everyone to use them, thats not a problem. The devs intended for every weapon not called FMG Akimbo to be worthless, silly!


              And those Ballistic Vests effectively give the entire team painkiller in hardcore. What did the community at large think of Painkiller in MW2?

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    I have noticed that the BV has been inconsistent in HC. It would take me 4-7 bullets to kill someone with the BV on. When i am wearing the BV i get killed in 2-3. What is with the inconsistency. That would be my only issue with the BV in HC.

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    agree...i normally prevent from questioning things bout overpowered or not, and take things as they are...but after shooting a whole clip of mp7 into an enemy wearing a vest, often without effect, i started to hate on vests...in tdm, a vest is an innovation, but as i play mostly s&d, i think it destroys this gamemode...sorry, just my opinion, as i dislike this stupid thing same i disliked the bombsquad-armor in black ops...


    atm, i came to a point, exit  s&d-games immediately, when vests appear...

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      vests are broken. at least take the out of hc snd

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        Something is considered broken when there's NO reason NOT to use it. The original FMG's were better than shotguns or submachine guns because they outperformed all of them except the MP7 at extreme range, which is why they (were, and still somewhat are) broken.


        As of right now the only reason the MP7 isn't considered broken is because the PM-9(lolwut) and the PP90 beat it at close range killing speed.


        The only reason the type 95 isn't broken is because it takes many rounds to kill at the end of it's damage drop (like 6 rounds. Which is pretty high for a most likely moving target and a burst rifle)


        While the PP90, the MP7, the Type 95, and the ACR(best all purpose Assault Rifle) are 'Too good' They aren't overpowered because they each have a point where another weapon outperforms them in their weapon category.


        What counters ballistic vests are weapons with a High ROF (Any SMG and the FAD) and high single shot(Non bolt action) weapons (burst rifles and the MK)

        all shotguns and the RSASS also beat it because A: Multiple pellets and B: Double tap


        Now i could see Ballistic vests being 'A tad too useful' in Hardcore, but certainly not broken.


        And don't you tell me 'Oh you don't play enough hardcore' Because i've got every shotgun gold except the spas. And clearly the only way to make the pump/lever actions/AA-12 GOOD is to play hardcore. (Lol models with range in hardcore, Sogud)


        TL;DR I agree that ballistic vests CAN be 'A bit too good' for Hardcore, but they are far from broken

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          actually they are broken. You can deal up to 176 damage on a guy in hardcore, and they will have 1 hp left. How?

          1 headshot with an msr with the 1.5 multiplier is 147 damage dealt. Vests give you 50 extra hp, but here is why they are broken. I've dealt 97 extra damage, but none of that will go towards damaging the base health of 30 hp in hardcore. So you have to completely destroy a vest until you can hurt the base health. So now I can deal 1 shot with my g18 and say that that deals 29 damage, so he will have 1 hp left and I have already dealt 176 damage. Now he can just whip around and luckily spray 1 bullet into me with a pistol and I'll die. Wow.





          Me=176 damage dealt

          him=30 damage dealt



          Who gets the kill? Him. That's why they are broken. They'd be not as bad but still bad and unfair if they only gave you 50 more hp.

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    The fact is, a headshot is a headshot with a sniper rifle. It should kill a person, instantly. The ballistic vest is way cheap in that regard. Its hard on pump action shotguns as well. Stupid addition to the game, hope it doesnt make a return in BO2.

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    I think Ballistic Vests should add a 0.8x damage multiplier to the chest and torso.


    Problem fixed.

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    While I agree that headshots & neck shots should counter ballistic vests, it's great that run & gunners have something to make running around instead of sitting prone for cheap insta-kills constantly possible in HC. All hail the ballistic vest.