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A clan in need(wii)

hey everyone im looking for a clan feel free to post your web page links. if im interested ill fill out a app.

but to help you help me. im looking for a legit clan who has a very active members list.

i play ALL COD GAMES.  heres my ally codes for all of them


MW3 AC 3744-6315-7568     (i use CCP)


CODBO AC 1059-4516-9795      (i use CCP)


W@W AC  8198-9308-8011


MWR AC  2633-7632-9076


please make sure you post your name because i get alot of ally requests.


me and COD


my MW3 KDR is 6.3 my WLR is 7.6

i do have a mic and im legit all the way.

i also use skype

previous clans (furthest) [SKS] [6] [Ai](most recent)


about me

im 19 almost 20

i play guitar and guitar hero i love music of all kinds but country.

avenged sevenfold and five finger death punch are my favorites.

im VERY competative. and seriously winning is my game and i play it well.

MY WLR says it all lol.

i have a good attitude and im fun to be around..

ill do almost anything to make someone laugh.

i dont brag(ALOT) lol


why am i good for your clan? because EVERY CLAN NEEDS A TRUMP card. im that card

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