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  • 10. Re: black ops 2 zombies maps

    no not the older maps brought back hell no! its black ops 2 not one one remade / rehashed god damn! im sure alot of people me being one of them will not rebuy those map packs even with new weapons if they even was w@w ones i definetley wouldnt! because why should i pay for something that ive bought on black ops just with different weapons. lets go forward with maps we want or ideas not backwards not ressurecting the past jesus man! lol.

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    this is black ops 2 not one! odds are slim that they would even bring back older maps personally i hope they dont!

  • 12. Re: black ops 2 zombies maps


    Call Of The Dead


    Kino Der

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    five easy but annoying with the scientist plus an old map we,re meant to be going forwards not backwards hell we dont want old maps ressurected and for the most part i wont pay for old maps id just play them on black ops! kino great map to old and repetitive now ascension megamap! cotd worst f*ckin map ever with george stupid ass romero wandering around the map! this is black ops 2 not one its meant to be something new not old going backwards to the past!

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    zombies willprobably follow Kennedy or the actors from cotd.

    also even if they did re-release maps it wouldn't be it's own dlc it would be like resurrection

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    I think that a Zombies should be in park like six flags and use roller coasters as transportation. There should be a lake with a old boat that could be used to go to the other side. There should be a pack-a-punch in a fun house you shoul get to pack-a-punch your weponas twice and upgrade your perks. there should be a hacker from moon cause that was cool. also the monkey bombs should get to be upgraded to monkey bomb hell wich is a monkey with a huge explosion. there should also be a predator missile that you could use every round. the wonder gun should be double ray guns but when upgraded becomes a submachine gun so it would shoot faster but the bullets should be even more powerful.

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    screw just 4 why not all of them    ..  Plus i think that because moon just came out not that long ago that we desirve to get them all and the roumor is the black ops server is shutting down soon after black ops 2 hits the streets  .. that will make a lot of ppl realy mad ya know.

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    they wont do that! shut down the black ops server they have more than enough revenue coming in to keep that server running probs a 100 times over or whatever and the fact of the dlc that they will bring out for black ops 2! treyarch / activision are rolling in the money $hit they could get lost in it they have so much LOL! if that was the case they would of shut down w@w servers a long time ago and there still active reason is and being not dedicated servers and they have so much revenue they make from everything they sell that no one really pays attention to and probs still are from people buying dlc because for the most part i imagine alot of people gameshared originally lol. if they do shut down the servers people wont be impressed as u say! but i highly doubt it will happen!

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    i know this sounds a sad but i reckon that they should put in a map thats in a concentration camp with jewish zombies

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    all of them an new guns better graphics and get rid of george in call of the dead.....

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