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DLC and Game Mode Ideas

I was playing Village today and saw a sniper tower and I thought what if they made a map that about the size of Derail from MW2 and it has 2 small military bases in it and both bases were equiped with sniper towers that people could climb up and use another DLC Idea I had is what if in June you had massive maps instead of small maps it would be a great edition to MW3. Also you could add guns to the game as well too. As for my game mode Ideas heres a link to 5 of them http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200423693 another game mode Idea I had is called 15 Minutes basically it's every game mode but instead of a point limit to end the game there is only a time limit which is 15 minutes the only game mode that won't be included is Search and Destroy. Another game mode Idea I had is called Assault basically one team would be attacking trying to complete the objectives before the time runs out and the defending team would be trying to make the time run out by preventing them from completing any of the objectives the first objective would be to capture an HQ so that you could spawn closer to the second objective which would be planting one bomb and detonating it then the spawn would be moved up for the attacking team and the spawn for the defending team would switch farther away from the attacking team and put behind the next objective thats pretty much how the spawns would work for the entire match anyways the third objective would be to capture a part of the map using a domination flag then the 4th objective would be to arm another bomb but it will have a longer detonating time and last but not least the last objective would be to capture a flag in the defending team's base then run it all the way back to the extraction point and the spawns would switch accordingly to prevent spawn trapping and the game mode will be 2 rounds that will be 10 minutes each so both teams can defend and attack at least once and the sudden death round will be trying to confirm 40 kills before the other team can confirm 40 kills as well. Do these game mode and dlc ideas seem like they would make this game more fun?