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    im sorry but if u get killed by someone more than once when they are camping you are just as noobish as them, if i find someone camping and they get me, i change the way i go into the said room, flash with recon or rpg straight in the room that does it for me, people not to stop moaning and start thinking outside the box

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    originalpunter wrote:


    It is combined with portable radar/heartbeat sensor/uav/AUAV. The best way to balance assassin is to limit thier HUD. Assassin users don't benefit from UAV/AUAV/recon drones/portable radar/other teammates recon/ and heartbeat sensor. You dont want to be part of the HUD thats fine, You get to enjoy a limited verson of it though. Unsilenced weapons are the only enemy dots that show up on assassin users HUD. Don't get me wrong, I love assassin, but the use of it with port radar is rediculous. It is hypocritical. I don't want to be on the HUD but I want you to be on it at all times. Limits UAV spamming too!


    Pac-man... fun.




    Play HC... Assassin players won't bug you at all.

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    if you play HC every now and then you would become less depend on the PAC-MAN game mode(CORE) nothing against it but core has made alot of the community so dependant on the Radar and Red dots that fly up all over the map.

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    100% agree

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    HELL NO!!!!!! looking down sights who does that in core that why we have radar come on man looking down sights in over rated. (SARCASIM)

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    Nope Riot sheilds and vest are the best way to go ditch the guns.

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    It's a little late for this but I think equipping Assassin should remove your map hud display unless you have a UAV up and if you have portable radar your hud only shows the radar zone at the intervals.


    Or you can do what I do and play game modes where the perk is not nearly as useful like domination.

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    They made getting constant uavs in the air a standard with the support system or hardline assault uav spam. People should be using Assassin as much as they like, until they actually make uavs take some "skill" to get and keep up, Assassin needs to be untouched. Support is BS, you don't need to be good to get an advanced uav let alone uav.

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    You're being sarcastic right?

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    Actually UAVs aren't a problem in this game. Assassin is not overpowered. In fact it is a piece of crap once you realize it. Try this class:


    Blind Eye Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Sitrep Pro


    Blind Eye Pro w/ LMGs can take care of UAVs like nothing; w/ Hardline killstreaks are achieved in one less point; Sitrep shows you location of equipment and the pro version lets you soundwh%re everyone now.


    Assassin is a lul perk now. Only good thing about it is it hides your gamertag.