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So apparently MTU tweaking doesn't always work....

First off, I'd like to state that I'm not trying to bash any of the people on here trying to give suggestions, because I really do appreciate the effort, but as of late nothing has seemed to work. I'll explain.


First off, here's my connection:






I'd also like to state that I have an above average router and modem, the cables I'm using are of good quality, I've done all the mumbo jumbo like opening ports, creating static IP's, even tried playing on my phones 3g connection a while back, etc, etc, and just recently changed my DNS server to one that is according to some program, 3.8% faster. Sweet.


Anyway, the other day I decided to get back on MW3 after a fairly long leave of absence (which was great btw, you guys should try it, lol), and, like usual, was getting a fairly extreme amount of lag. I happened to stumble upon a thread on here that was talking about the MTU setting, and decided to mess around. According to what they said, the highest I could get my MTU without defragmenting was 1472, and apparently you need to add 28 to that for whatever reason and that's 1500 for my optimal setting. However, I read someone was having some luck with the MTU at 1400, so I gave it a try. Now, I wasn't unkillable by any means, but I was going like 30-3 in FFA's just running around. It seemed more fair, ya know, if I didn't get the shot off, or missed, I died, and if I did I won. Crazy concept, I know, but it seemed to be working fine. The guns didn't have an unusually high amount of recoil, people weren't taking hitmarker after hitmarker, I wasn't dieing from around corners, people didn't seem to have better than MLG reaction time, etc etc.


So I though I fixed the lag. Well, the next day I get on and it's crazy again. Same 1400 MTU, but I can't win a single gun fight. So I bumped it up to 1472, and it was still insane.


Then, I tried the two extremes, and I have video of what those two games were like, and here they are:


These two games are on PS3, but I have both consoles, and there is obviously lag on both.


First is with the MTU all the way up to 1500, which is apparently my optimal setting:



Second video is with it turned all the way down to 1360, which apparently you can't even do on xbox, lol:



Notice that in both games I had zero time to react, and the other team had enough time to get 3 kills in each final killcam. Keep in mind these were back to back games, but in competely different rooms because I had to quit the game to set this up.


Now this was just a couple days ago on MW2. It's on xbox because the PS3 version is hacked beyond all recognition.



And that's how it usually runs, and it's without having to tinker with anything.




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    MTU is only one part of the equation. 

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      Yes, and I believe I took the time out of my day to accurately describe how I've already tried most, if not all, of the other parts of said equation.


      Also, how come I have to tweak every little thing on my xbox/ps3, router, and modem for black ops and MW3, but for MW2, W@W, CoD4, CoD3, and CoD2 (didn't play CoD1) you don't have to do anything?

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        There are parts of the equation that you have no control over, that's what you're forgetting.  I've done it all too, I've optimized everything under my control, yet I still experience:


        being killed from around corners by bullets that curve,


        emptying full clips into people and getting nothing but hit markers,


        being insta-killed/pre-killed having no chance to respond, 


        being killed by 1-2 bullets from any weapon,


        being knived from 20 feet away,


        kniving others where it does the animation where the knive is stuck directly into their chest but they get away and I die,


        getting hitmarkers with headshots with sniper rifles,


        etc, the list goes on and on and on...


        The bottom line is their matchmaking system and lag compensation is broken. 


        Some will say it's just fine, and they don't want it changed, that's because they are on the positive side of lag compensation and they are the ones who are benefitting from it.

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    Have to say I've not experienced any bad lag well not any that I would moan about . I just changed providers and it's still the same if not a little faster downloading from the web

        Not messed with the router in anyway. I did though run a programme that I got from a post from Maccibi it took about 10 minutes to run and at the end gave the best DNS settings to put in the Xbox for it to run at its best  and have no problems of course I get some lag but mostly when the whole lobby gets it for what ever reason.

      I forget the post name but it gets re posted all the time and has a lot of good info if your having bad lag.

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    Felt like I was watching one of my usual games! Usually little reaction time and/or hitmarkers, hitmarkers, hitmarkers and not too many kills to show for it. Yet all the killcams I watch are people getting quick and effortless kills on me with seemingly spot-on hit detection.


    What I always notice in killcams is I seem to land the first bullet (screen goes red) and then they win the gunfight. What I am starting to notice is there's almost zero flinch when they are taking hits from me. And they don't have focus on, either.


    There's nothing that produces any kind of consistency. Some nights/games are great, some are just a rage enducing nightmare. Hopefully the upcoming matchmaking update helps.

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    My thoughts:


    I had completely forgotten the regular distances on "small" MW2 maps.
    The maps looks so massive in hindsight, compared to MW3 maps.

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    First game your hit register was generally good (silenced mp7 is relatively weak needing 5 bullets to kill quickly), you got outplayed by a better team, you had a shi-t team. This said there were some insta-kill moments where you couldn't react.


    Second game, more BS moments one on one, but generally you killed them quickly with the mp7, good hit register, you also got compensated here and there, like how the fck did you not die 4 minutes in that dome game for instance. You also switched to a striker without damage or steady aim. So yeah, getting insta-killed cqb by a better / maxed out shotty, not very surprising. This all said theater doesn't show lag / the game like you saw / experienced it so dunno if this is live or from theater.

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      I conceed that the game ALWAYS gives me the absolute worst team mates imaginable, but only SOME insta-kill moments? What did I go like 14-17? I can't remember the last time I went negative on a Call of Duty game. I've got a 4 k/d on MW2 and over a 4.5 k/d on CoD4, and I was holding down a 6 k/d on W@W for a while until I started not caring. So you're telling me the connection wasn't that bad, when a guy who usually goes at least a 2 k/d on a bad game, ends up going negative?


      You have to realize that the connection never seems as bad when you're watching someone else.

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    I have verizon fios 25/25, and i find that it runs better with and old linksys router with the upload limited to 700k and a UPnP disable. Only once in a while will i have to switch to the fios due to lag.

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    I have found that if I stream porn on my wifi android phone I get a better connection.

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    I had some of my best game performance this weekend.  I had to do the following.  MTU 1364 and upload 200Kbps and play Merc.  Gameplay did change when I was in a party.

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    i posted about this on other threads before but i will clue everyone in here as well , im pretty sure that it has to do with packet drops. i tested the packets being sent on my network and what i found was this , randomly packets will drop when communicating with the mw3 servers. sometimes its within acceptible range (0-5%) and other times i saw it go as high as 80%...seriously?! 80% !? i think their lag comp is doing planned packet drops to buffer the higher connections down to connect everyone with lower connection speeds in the lobby. i also think that it is total garbage that its as far out of whack as it is and they cant seem to get a handle on it for everyone. tampering with your connection speed to benefit others should be illegal (and most likely is) but yet here we all are having to deal with this intermittent problem. i can say this much tho , for me the lag comp seems to have tapered off tremendously. the last 2 weeks have been pretty decent in that respect. CHECK YOUR PACKET DROPS.

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      I have been posting about this for months now, the packet drops. Lag comp is designed to slow down the return rate of the packets, instead it is dropping them, or something is in the game, which is most likely lag comp as it is what controls the "in game" connnections.


      I have sent detailed logs, statistics, monitoring 10 different xbox's ( friends ) connections showing the packet drops and loss which occurs, a full work up on this idea to Activision and IW, until they fix this, they can change anything else they like, all we will get is the same problem except a different version of it.


      What is remarkable is, packet drops being returned varies depending on the location of the player or the time the player connects, is it the game engine, lag comp, there switches are completely 'f*cked*, whatever it is, needs to be corrected before any miracle update will solve the experience many face.


      There is a story IW reminds me of



      CAPTAIN: Attention, Veer left 5 meters to avoid a collision

      Civillan: Veer right 5 meters to avoid a collision

      CAPTIAN: I say again, Veer left 5 meters to avoid a collision now

      Civillan: Veer right 5 meters now

      CAPTIAN: This is the captain of the USA Navy, i order you to veer left immediately.

      Civillan: This is a lighthouse, your call.


      I am certain you get the moral of the story, they have been informed months ago of this issue and have done nothing except release update after update which has done nothing or create a more interesting situation, i anticipate another update is going to come with the same "miracle fix" and if this issue is not addressed, it will be as pointless as the other 12.