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Yesterday I was in a match that for some reason would not add all the possible players available and then everything went strange, like trees floating, etc, then it kicked me from the game and I had an error floating there claiming 'Client Command Overflow' and I could not exit and had to manually shut off my PS3.  After shutting down last night, I turn it on this morning and ALL MY GAMES are gone.  The Game Data Utility folder is empty but my Saved Game Data is fine!?!


HDD tests good health.  Im on the phone with Playstation support and they want me to call ATVI, in other words its Activiosns fault.  I already know what happens there... ATVI tells me they have nothing to do with my XMB data menu so call Playstaion support!?!


How can an ingame experience affect my entire conosle?  Maybe there is a slight duality of responsibility in this (in other words BOTH ATVI and SNE (SCEA) are responsible for the game exploit affecting my enitre console.


Either way, whats going on with this error AND why did it affect my entire console?


    This definitely sounds like a strange issue. I can suggest a process that will check the console's file system for any corrupted/missing files that may have caused this. Follow the instructions below to try restoring the Playstation 3 file system:



    1. Start with having the system in standby (red light is on).

    2. Hold the power button down; the system will turn on and turn off once again.

    3. Press and hold the power button again and keep holding it. It will beep as it turns on and then it will double beep. When you hear the double beeps, immediately take your finger off the power button. If your system turns off before you get a double beep just try again and hold the button, it should double beep the 2nd time you try.

    4. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button.

    5. You will now have a screen with several options. Choose the option: Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG OPTION HERE OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA.



    Unfortunately there would be no way of recovering the data from your Game Data Utility folder but keep in mind that this would not affect your rank and stats. I would also suggest to contact Activision Customer Support so they can create a support ticket for this and have it looked into.




      Tried that and restore file database.  Everything still left me with missing my games I had downloaded... about 6 different titles... and again all my updates for said games gone.  If i didnt have the screaming fiber connection I got, this would be more than just an annoyance.  However I do have great internet and it only takes me ~3-4 minutes to download a full GB on my PS3.


      Im not here trying to fix what a format and reinstall eventually did.  I appreciate your assitance but I think there is a new bug/exploit out thats going beyond what this error was in MW2.  Please get this information to the support team that deals with exploits and such; as its apparent somone has exploited the game and effectually affected my entire PS3... Id call that a BIG problem personally.


      BTW... I was in the Elite Premium lists when this happened, Kill Confimrmed in Sanctuary (I think the problem was my camping in the open and avoiding detection, lol).  I am more than happy to participate in anything else you might need to stop this from occuring to others.


        It is not possible for another player to do file system damage to your console. It's very possible that you have a failing piece of hardware within your console.


        When troubleshooting console issues, there are 3 variables that could be causing the actual issue. The game disc, the game data, and the console are the 3 variables.


        Because there is no data to be deleted, and you have done a file system restore, we know it is not the data.


        Have you tested your game disc on another console to be sure that it is not the issue? I would recommend that this be done next.


        If you find that the disc works on another console, then the issue would be with the console hardware. You would need to contact Sony again and explain that all possible troubleshooting has been done previously.


          I know thats what you guys think, but its awful suspect when this error occured and the next time I turn on my machine Im missing the stated data/games.  What was even more strange was my HDD count could see the space was taken but again, I had NO GAMES and my Gamne Data Utility foldert was empty.


          Maybe, and I know this is just crazy (sarcastic), someone has en edge up on your code.  Please dont just decide this is impossible becuase you dont know how its done.  The PSN was taken out last year over such ingorance.


          Iv been in games where I hear one player telling another they are playing on there PC and they will email them the 'hack'.  I also know this game isnt cross platfrom...?  Yea, for real dude.  Whether they are for real or not, we cant just decide they are f'n around and need to take this stuff with more than the preemptive attitude of it cant be done.Lets look into what would give the error 'Client Command Overflow', can you explain what would cause this?  Yesterday, after resetting my exploited system, I played the disk and with conent in the above named folder from other games and even downlaoded other games so I would notice if it occured from the disk.  The game plays fine now.


          As far as PS3 support, this is exactly what I told them would occur.  They blame you and you in turn blame them... THE BUCK NEEDS TO STOP HERE AND NOW!!!


          Someone is responisbile and maybe more than one entity.  In other words, maybe they are using a hole in the game to access a hole in the PS3?  Thats means its BOTH you guys' responsibility!!!  I will call the PSN AGAIN... and I will let them know YOU (Elite Help) are saying they are to blame.


          (and you guys wonder why so many folks dog on the support offered... gimme a break)


          Okay, so I just got off the phone with PS3 support... AGAIN.  I was able to be forwarded to a manager; Dave@PSN Consumer Services.  He has explained the following (which goes with what Im trying to get to the bottom of):


          The fact that my Game Data Utility folder being erased could have been the PS3 acting proactively to protect itself,, and is most likely the reason behind that.


          However, he describved to me the error sysetm (which I was already aware of) and that this error has to do with NO ONE but Activision (ATVI).  So, as Iv stated, lets address the error itself.  This isnt something that has been happening since MW2, which Activision actually had to develop a patch to prevent.  The only places I can find it currently happening ALL HAVE TO DO WITH MODS AND CHEATS AND EXPLOITS.


          So again, what causes the error 'Client Command Overflow'?