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The state of Modern Warfare 3 now


I suffered from unfair lag compensation since release. I saw a billion promises to fix it. I saw patches that should have fix it.


One day in January I played a game and decided that it's enough. Quit the match, powered off my XBOX. Bought Battlefield 3 the same day and never played Call of Duty multiplayer again.


When Black Ops 2 was announced, my first thoughts were "How many patches it will take to fix it in that game".


So, sorry for that prelude. Is Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer playable now? At least some good changes?

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    its always been "playable" to use the word loosely as for your question.


    Lag is cripling at time and unpredictable, FNGs are still god at CQB with all other MPs close behind, cannot use a shotty due to inconsistant OHKs and capped range FNGs and DMH put the final nails in the coffin for these and an AR is still the best way to go unless you know how to use LMGs properly or have a RF SMG and QSing is still a plauge that infects every game.


    end point if you like BF3 and are happy playing it, stick with that or you can try MW3 for a change and see for yourself.

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    Hosting is still a problem in terms of lag compensation.  I haven't noticed any real change on that front.

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    For me the lag problems were gone after the first month or so.  It's been very playable for most of the last 5 months. 


    Of course it's not perfect, every now and again I get into a game where it's clear that it's the connection that prevents me from doing well and not the skill of the players on the other team.  But that is rare, as in at 1-2 games every 3 weeks or so.

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    I haven't played this game since january, not because it's not a good game but because of the lag comp. I never had problem with lag comp in till MW3, looking forward to Black Ops II.

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    Stick with BF3. The only thing over there that will give you grief is the current shotgun attachment bug.


    in MW3 everyone uses the PP90, MP7, ACR, or FMG's.

    All the shotguns are garbage aside from Striker and the USAS (Garbage because they aren't consistent, After all if you get hitmarkers. You die) AA-12 is just... Just.. You're better off knifing.


    LMG's are pretty boss now though.


    Riot shield is bugged and pretty garbage. A single flash/stun will force you to wave you rshield around and thye just unload bullets into you.


    Machine Pistols are overpowered (Except the G18 which is pretty balanced)


    Blue perks are fine

    No reason to use anything other than Assassin or Quickdraw for Red

    Yellows pretty good.


    Lag compensation is rediculously stacked in the favor of people with slower internets

    Maps are terrible.


    MW3 is good for pickup and play. But ANYTHING else it's terrible for. Play objective based game modes and some clan will force you to spawn in front of them and kill you the very moment you spawn, and there's 0 counter to it since they removed painkiller and Dead Mans Hand is absolutely worthless in that scenario because blast shield prevents it from killing you.


    All in All, MW3 is a terrible game where the Multiplayer Balance Team didn't even do their job. But it's easy to startup and just jump into a  game. Which is the only reason i even bother to play it.

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      All in All, MW3 is a terrible game where the Multiplayer Balance Team didn't even do their job.

      No truer words have ever been spoken.  I too got sick of the crap in Jan. and quit playing then.  But I just so happened to decide to see if after the last few patches have come out maybe its improved.  No way its worse then before.  All the same issues as in January and not one thing fixed.  QSing makes me just want to puke.