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  • 10. Re: I hate Activision now (Elite DLC SCAM)

    It was your choice to purchase it, at no point have they forced your hand or made you part with money...


    It was your choice only......



    So stop

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    How about a fully functioning service? Where's Clan Challenges? Why are the websites so buggy?

  • 12. Re: I hate Activision now (Elite DLC SCAM)

    Is that 12 year old logic ? Nobody was forced to buy investment products from Bernie Maddoff yet he still sits in jail for life


    Even tho all investors signed he can change the investment products at any time.


    And nobody was forced to invest with him. They did it on free will. Does it mean Maddoff is innocent ? lol.


    Activision is doing the same just with smaller amounts , face/off is two middle fingers right in the face of any elite customer who loves the normal game modes and survival.

  • 13. Re: I hate Activision now (Elite DLC SCAM)

    At least they should give Elite purchasers one new drop each week, I wouldnt mind some good maps from older CODs as well as new maps.

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    All the new maps are gona be in circulation for all game types...the small ones are only gona appear in 1v1 & 2v2...


    Stop crying about everything and enjoy...Its a great NEW service and loads of NEW stuff being done...so what if there is the odd little hick-up or sumit you dont like...spoilt little .......

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    Acting like this you will never get anywhere in life. Life is there for the taking. Beautiful women, enough money for every luxury gadget you ever wanted, your own company, sports cars, success.... A penthouse by the beach. I have all this cos I have respect for myself. And I demand more content from Activision and you can be with me , or you can be a stupid sheep who is scared of companys like Activision , and is scared of living in any other area of life, too.



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    LOL wow thats funny. I demand you post more stupid things for me to laugh at.

  • 17. Re: I hate Activision now (Elite DLC SCAM)

    Lol, Stop demanding things and just don't buy their products. You know that with the makers of CoD that you are not going to get a quality product. So why scream and cry when you drop the money on them and don't get a decent product? You knew when you bought elite that is was going to be poop, so you only have yourself to blame.

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    Here is what you get


    • More Content than Ever, with 20+ Pieces for MW3 - Keep Up Using the Content Calendar   Premium 
    • New Content released over the MW3 Content Season, so you always have something new to play   Premium 
    • More variety than ever with new MP Maps, Special Ops missions, Game Modes & more.   Premium 
    • You get to keep all the MW3 Content even if your membership expires. 


    As For the maps on the elite Calender it just said MAPS. It did not say what kind of maps.

    If you would have read up on WHAT you were getting a month ago every person KNEW we were getting 12 Multiplayer maps.


    Here is what you got and here is what you will get


    1 Liberation

    2 Piazza

    3 Overwatch

    4 Black Box

    5 Sanctuary

    6 Foundation


    So far that is 6 maps you got for regular multiplayer play


    Now you will be getting


    7 Oasis

    8 Announced in June

    9 Announced in July

    10 announced in July

    11 Announced in August

    12 Announced in September.


    Count them. Thats all 12. And you notice those DONT count the free ones OR the Face Off maps.


    you spent way too much time assuming on what you were going to get.


    Next time blame yourself for assuming. Especially 7 months after Elite was released.




    BTW according to some sites Battlefield 3 will quite possibly be getting the same thing called "Battlefield Premium" starting June 4th. I wonder if the BF forums are going to be shouting "ripp off" there to and people will be comparing this one to that.

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    Mojammer wrote:


    I'm dissapointed that the Face Off maps aren't in Survival mode as well.  I have no idea why they would spend resources to make maps that are only playable in a tiny portion of the game, 2 multiplayer game types (1v1 and 2v2).  These maps would do very well in a number of places:




    -All or Nothing

    -One In the Chamber

    Dont forget to add 6 on 6 TDM in Private Matches. Spawn Killing for no XP

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